1. Jonforum

    Play a simple video? help plz (SOLVED)

    Hello i just try to play a video to test, but i can't not succeed. Do i miss something. Here is approximately the basic code var vidTexture = PIXI.Texture.fromVideo('video/01.mov'); // load file path rmmv as texture var vid = vidTexture.baseTexture.source; // shortcut to...
  2. Ganzimaro

    Pixi.Container to Bitmap

    Hello. I decided to try other ways of creating an interface. Question! How to turn "PIXI.Container" into "Bitmap". It is known that when you use "cacheAsBitmap", "Bitmap" is obtained from the container, but how to interact with it now? How to transfer it in a "Sprint"? Who has any ideas?
  3. Warped_Tales

    Beth's Alternative Grass Textures

    Here are three alternative grass for the fantasy RTP. The grass has been given a completely new texture and the grass overlays have been reshaped to make them more shabby looking. All of the above sets can be downloaded here! These are the RTP tilesets from RMMV so you need to own that to...
  4. kibcob

    How to change event textures prior to battle exit animation?

    Okay, so I want to make the player change his sprite to a damaged version of his original sprite when he loses a battle, however the Change Actor Graphic command for a cutscene event only occurs after the battle exit animation is finished. Is there any way I can make the sprite be damaged before...
  5. kibcob

    Help with texture formats

    So I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I've been working on an RPG in RMVXA. I've been creating my tilesets and I've come across an "error" that I would like some help with, along with some texture formatting advice. In the following picture, the "error" s have been circles in red. The one on the...
  6. thefusense

    How to fix texture bugs?

    So for everyone of you to understand what I mean: You ever had the problem that you wanted to make a very thick forest andlay alot of tiles over another and at the outer corners of the tree tiles where its supposed to be transparent you experience weird graphical bugs where the ground tile...
  7. QuotingMinecraft

    Minecraft texture set

    My first project for RPG Maker VX Ace has been to make a minecraft texture set. I am currently working on implementing all major blocks and will make the textures available for download once complete. So far I have added about 60 blocks with more coming soon. Simple demo: Note: All textures...

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