1. Finnuval

    Special Thanks

    So with my entry for the "Touch the Stars" gamejam alsmost complete I want to take a moment and openly thank and celebrate 3 ppl - and members of this forum - as they so rightly deserve. First of all my thanks go to @spillycup who was so generous and kind as to make nearly all the music tracks...
  2. WASD Combos

    I'm... not sure if I can post this here (If i Can't just tell me and ill delete it or something) anyways there is a Yanfly Engine Plugin for VX Ace that allows you to chain attacks together. Unfortunately, I Use MV, and Since i'm just a really worried person I'm reluctant to buy another version...
  3. Hollow 1977

    Giving Thanks

    With Thanksgiving around the corner it's a good time to remember what we are thankful for. It something that's easy to forget as we go thru a busy workday or are going thru some difficulties. What are you thankful for? I am thankful for my job, a healthy family, and friendly co-workers, and...
  4. ThiagusTV

    My name is Tiago! Thank you all!

    Good evening everyone! I am very happy to have found this forum. My real name is Tiago and originally I'm Brazilian heheh! I am a game creator and my games are in English. I usually like rpg maker games when they are scary. Can someone tell me where I can post about my project? (Please! Send me...
  5. Isabella Ava

    Change Events' ID?

    Hi there, i have many AutoRun Events on each map, because they execute a piece of command then destroy themself (they can't be grouped due to many reason), therefor i need them to run in an specified order. I assume events' running order is based on its ID. So is there anyway to rearrange/change...
  6. Draconic_Story_Teller

    Need a plug-in suggestion

    I've seen tons of finished products, both from big-name and small-name companies, that include a feature I want to include. I need a way to make a dynamic light source that follows the player, or even a party member. The idea of providing a 'torch' item that generated a passively existing...
  7. Parallax Panda

    The art of giving proper credits

    As I was sorting my list of plugins and such, I started thinking about how I would (and should) give credits to those whos stuff I am using. I have never done this before since I never released anything online so it's all new to me. You might think this is so self explanatory that there is no...
  8. DeusEx

    I want to thank RPG maker community

    I would like to thank the community of this site for all help that you are giving us, ordinary users. Now MV Maker work in my Steam account and I am very happy to use this new version. And I'm sad to see how many people are always focused negative on the smallest bugs and defects in so new...
  9. drago453

    Need help with putting faces in game

    So I'm trying to put my own face graphics into my game. However, it appears it's not as I thought. When I do, nothing shows up on the preview. Here's step by step what I do >Click home button thing on monitor (Very bottom left) >Go to documents >Find RPGVXAce >Click it >Find Leap of Faith...
  10. How to make a Larger Sprite?

    Hello. And so, as the title says, how do I make larger sprite? Please give me detailed description, please. And thanks for your time. One more question: Am I posting in the right section? Very sorry if not.

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