the grim reaper

  1. ShinNessTen

    Tod The grim Reaper 3

    WARNING! This game contains mild blood... well there's literally blood everywhere, but no signs of gore or the other gruesome stuff... it's just blood. There's also Strong language!   TOD the grim Reaper 3! This game has been made in over 1 week! (Phew!) That means it's...
  2. ShinNessTen

    Tod The grim Reaper 1+2

    Tod is an ATB based RPG with a slightly different approach to strategy. The story revolves around a chicken that an unknown entity called the Unholy Cat has made into a grim reaper. You play as that chicken which the Cat has fittingly titled "Tod" and your objective is to find out what the Cats...

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Lately when I listen to 1970s songs, I always think that the "real world" is still at mid 70s. What we experience now is a futuristic dream. With this point of view, even 80s and 90s looks super futuristic. :D

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