the room of 2 monsters

  1. Lee Sang

    RMMZ Into Samomor (Horror, Puzzle Solving)

    Follow our Instagram to keep updated about the game STORY Jack, a high schooler, suddenly vanished without a trace while crossing the Samomor forest. The search team gave up and closed the case after many months of searching for clues, and called it one of the most mysterious missing person...

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I just don't know why, but it's funny.
Ugh. The one time I forget to save every hour or so is also the day my computer crashes. That's life!
Even though I spent 100's of dollars on my game already. I think I might just have to give it away for free. Since I haven't heard back from people if I could use some of their graphics. Even from a global mod here. Maybe I can make a donation thing.
you know, some days you get resentful that game dev is even considered a "fun job" and other days it's like, welp, time to roll up my sleeves and code these molotov cocktails
If you suck at playing trumpets, that is probably why.

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