What would you have in a hacking-themed battle system?

    What would you have in a hacking-themed battle system? What would the skills be, and how would they work? How could terminology be used? What kind of battle system would it be (ctb, atb, ect?) How would you go about getting into a battle? Would there be any place for random encounters, and if...
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    Icons Request - Existing Actor Icons

    Hey everyone, KD needs some help again! This one's for the older RMers (GrandmaDeb will know for sure >.>) A few years ago, in the VX days, I stumbled across some Icons. These were no ordinary icons... no. The Icons resembled the default VX actor's Armor, Hair, Helms, etc. An example is...

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Finally satisfied with the main menu xD

The plan was to have battle sprites in the menu...But these faces from Ocean's Nostalgia look pretty damn good imo. (Will have to adjust for them ofc and maybe recolor to match the overworld/battle sprites more)
It's always disturbing to me to see my cat eating something off the bathroom floor.
Sometimes it works out to not do work on my game for a while. I ran through a playtest today and got about a page of things to fix or improve...
I got lot's o balancing to do lol... I think I'll redo my skills for the 3 party members for the 5th time lol. but I need them to be more distinct for balancing the RPS element system since fights are 1 on 1 with tagging.
Our latest Make a Game in MZ Stream is here! Today, we're going to create a complex switch puzzle, where flipping one switch also toggles the switches adjacent to it. Join now to see how it's done!

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