1. m_m_beta

    Retro RPG Music Pack

    Terms of Use Credit: Venomsoar Non-Commercial: Free. Commercial: Free. Repost: Yes. Edits: You are able to modify and edit the music. This is a collection of retro style rpg music using midi instruments. The pack is split into two parts. Contains cave music, battle themes both normal...
  2. tale

    FPSMeter Themes (2)

    SA_FPSMeter_Customizer - 2018/04/29 (Ver 18.2) Creator name: seea Overview 2 themes for FPS Meter Features - It's possible to select theme through parameter. Required - rpg_core.js v1.5.1 or v1.6.0 Preview 1.Default plus 2.Mini Credit and Thanks: seea Terms of Use- Free for...
  3. Marquise*

    Name that generic...

    Hullo, This kinda started at random in @Guiguimu 's status then me and @starlight dream as I remembered at random some elements of her avatar reminded me of Mysterious Cities of Gold. Then I off-course posted a video of the generic of the show then since we are bilingual we exchanged about how...
  4. Danganronpa

    Help! how do I get multiple Battle BGM?

    Hi I just started and I'm in the progress of making battles and only one battle theme plays so I looked for it and it was in the system tab but it can play only one song and I looked on the internet and I can change it in the troops tab and add an event to change BGM and I did but still nothing...

    Musician services Activate

    Hello Everyone, I am a classically trained composer who enjoys Indie RPG's I found RPGmaker back in early 2003 and would spend a lot of time writing music for the various small scale games that we wrote based off of old scenarios we were writing. I look now to continue creating on new projects...
  6. Lerbert

    FREE Composer For Game

    I am a composer who has been composing for games for over a year. I really enjoy doing it and I always enjoy furthering my skills so I am offering individual songs for free. Here are examples of my newest tracks: (I specialize in kinda jazzy stuff but i'm flexible) And Here is my sound...
  7. Some BGM

    Hey there! I know RPG Maker since the 2000 version. Although I've experimented with many version of the RPG Maker since then, I recently started a serious project with MV. I'm really at the start of the project but I've already created some individual stuff. Here I want to share two of...
  8. Hiek

    RPG Maker Music Remakes

      Welcome, me and a few friends have been working on RPG Maker themes for the past few days remaking them using Mabinogi's instruments + In-Game Composing skill which is a wonderful system for an MMORPG, but has it's limits. I am trying a new method, but still uses Midi formats then converts to...
  9. West Mains

    WestMains' Audio Workshop!

      Welcome to my Audio Workshop! Here for all your audio needs. I've been making music for a few years now, and I love making it for the games I make. The only thing I like more is making it for other people! I've done a couple of custom songs, so I thought I'd make this thread to open up...

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