1. atoms

    Element States Ideas?

    I was wondering what elemental state ideas people could come up with, as I'm trying to think of simple very basic ones for each element. If you're using any of them in your own games or you want to share either basic or complex examples to either help out or share your thoughts for discussion...
  2. Twisted Crow

    How are maps managed when battles are processed?

    So, I have this theory brewing on managing lag in battles when you have various things going on in maps (looping animations, lots of events, maybe parallaxes, etc). But I want to ask how this works before getting too deep in this "Battle Manager" map idea/trick that I am experimenting with. To...
  3. LucidNightmare

    RMMV Theory of Everything - An RPG that makes you think

    Hi ! It took longer than announced because I decided to transfer the whole game to RPG Maker MV, but here it is ! Warning : this game evokes religions in a philosophical perspective. Theory of Everything Synopsis You start with Isaac, a young physicist who begins to build a theory of...
  4. Arithmetician

    Job System Theory, Design, and Mechanics

    Job systems  - wherein the characters have the ability to assume a number of different class roles throughout the game, and frequently can learn abilities that they can use while in other classes.  Final Fantasy provides some of the quintessential examples, but similar systems appear in many...
  5. Carduus

    How do you configure weapon/armor resistances?

    I have a wonderful little table of weapon types on one axis and armor types on another, with digits of 1 to 9 in each cell to show things like that chain mail resists piercing, plate mail resists slashing, but plate mail is way too conductive of heat to be much use around plasma weaponry. I'm...
  6. Arithmetician

    Skill Tree Theory and Design: Size, Leveled Skills, Balance, etc.

    Skill / talent trees are a way of granting the player choice in developing their character, particularly within the confines of a fixed class.  Yet balancing them is rather difficult.   How many skills does a good skill tree have?  Should skills be purchased with skill points from level ups...
  7. Skunk

    Conspiracy Theories!?

    Do any of you subscribe to any? Did we really land on the moon? Are chem trails real? What are the 13 secret herbs and spices in KFC's chicken!? I have been reading up on the hollow earth theory.. It is fascinating and would make for a super cool aspect of any rpg game me thinks.
  8. Victor_Roland

    THEORY QUESTION: How To Minimize Mechanics

    Greetings all, Its been a while since I picked up RPG Maker VX Ace, and yet here I am, trying to work on my pet project once again. I have come to realize a grievous fault in my design process. I have always operated under the mantra: story first, gameplay second. And that's great ... If...
  9. Tsuchigumo

    [DEV] MES - Mecha Equipment System

    MES - Mecha Equipment System Using the new plugins system, I'm hoping to do some of the things that I was never able to make possible in VX Ace. The first project I'm hoping to tackle is an edited/alternate equipment system that, instead of being defined by game files, classes, and actors, is...
  10. LucidNightmare

    Theory of Everything : A philosophico-educative RPG

    Hi ! Theory of Everything allows the player to travel through the history of science. Your mind will be split between four characters... Characters Isaac is a physicist. He wants to create a theory of everything, which would be able to explain any phenomenon in the universe. But he's...
  11. nazgul

    Reusing famous old game music. Original remixes

    Is it better to use the free music that is out there? I won't necessary follow the advice given in this thread but I thought the discussion could be beneficial. Personally I am having a lot of difficulty finalizing some of the music to be used in my game. For a very long time I planned to use...
  12. Timespiraled_RPG

    Trading Functions [Cross-Save File/Cross-User]

    Hi everyone, I've been making a little project of sorts and as I was designing the crafting systems I got a flash of an idea. Now, I'm no scripter, and my eventing skills are telling me that simply events won't do here. I'm looking to know if either of these ideas are possible within the...
  13. What is your favorite scientific theory?

    I'll start this off buy saying that I have four favorite theories and one of these recently blew my mind away. 1.)  The Big Bang Theory : The universe is expanding from a center point where all the matter in the universe came into existence. 2.) The Multiverse Theory : Two or more bubble...
  14. moon

    Music Theory for the Untrained/Curious.

    Note: This was an article, intended to be part of a series, that I was writing ages ago to post on RMN but decided to scrap it because I didn't think it would have been much use to anyone. Anyway for whatever reason I've decided to dust it off and post it here in the hope that it might be...

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