1. Carduus

    Weapon qualities to balance with?

    As we all know, choices within a game that just plain suck aren't really choices. Thusly, in games where there's one 'best' class, race, weapon, etc, you've effectively forced the player to choose between being effective and the playstyle/customization they want, and for those who care about...
  2. Carduus

    Bard as Battlebot

    One of my characters is going to be a utility/jack-of-all-trades/backup role, like a bard, but I had no interest in the whole singing-to-inspire thing. Instead, I decided she was a technologist/artificer who could alter a battlebot-like pet character to fit various situations. Need the bad guy...
  3. Carduus

    Damage Formula Discussion?

    While I was trying to think of every blessed switch I'd need in a damage formula, I realized I had a bigger issue: the implications of various damage formulae on one's game. 1. If monsters and characters both advance linearly, how is the player experience changed from both advancing...
  4. lithkast

    Low Power vs High Power Games

    Lower Power vs High Power Games. Is it more satisfying to see 13 damage fly across the screen, or 1300 fly across the screen?  Its a concept I'm struggling with so I think having a discussion on it would help, not only me, but others who are having the same dilemma.  Lets start with some...

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