1. joseeph

    (Recruitment) The After Night Game- Mystery/Horror RPG

    Hello to all who are reading this, i find myself in the need of assistance on creating a rpg horror-(ish) game. :popcorn:   THE GAME:     -------------------Introduction Of The Story-----------------     i would like to start off making a few maps for the...
  2. starlord

    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

      When I was done playing Misao, The Mad Father and The Witch's House, I know I just have to make a horror RPG. They're very soulful yet so exciting and thrilling. I know I dont have any experiences with any RPG game productions, but I can assure you that I'll give my all to this...

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What a fun tileset I've got here so far!
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Reworking the art for the 'special busts' in important game dialogue. Potentially replacing the more 'dead-on' look of the original:
Me: Imma work on my game! Let's get some progress done
Me, five minutes later smoking a cigarette: *screams into the void*
Just got back from work... I got to recommend a dish I liked to a group of senior ladies, and they said they'd order it for dessert! What was it? CHURROS! It's one of my favorite desserts at my workplace.
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