1. atorres

    RMMZ Lockdown Horror (Thriller/Horror Adventure)

  2. frostnoble

    RMMV Blade of Acrimony: Wish of the West

    WHAT'S THIS GAME ANYWAY? “Blade of Acrimony: Wish of the West” is a prequel to Blade of Acrimony, that takes place in the old wild west. Follow Anaya and Leonard as they try to seal away the Wishing Sword once and for all! As of now, there is only a demo, that is the entirety of Act 1. Blade...
  3. PichuDX

    RMMV The Adora Project: Investigation Demo [Visual Novel / Thriller]

  4. RMVXA Stealth, Horror/Thriller game concept. Feedback needed

    Uh, hi! So this game is going to be based on one of my favourite online thriller novella (or that's what I call it since it's more appropriate) and I want a bit of feedback on some mechanics and designs. When the game gets made, it will be free to play since it's a fan-made a game. GAME...
  5. Matseb2611

    Pegasus-5: Gone Astray

    Trailer: Features: Follow an intense and thrill-inducing sci-fi story set in outer space! Choices matter – The choices you make have an impact on events in the story and how other characters feel about you. Relationship building – What you choose to say or to do will cause you to win or...
  6. Petite Elite


    Two brave children, Chiara and Simon, venture deep within a dense forest to find the tomb of a great and terrible necromancer. The world is not what it used to be; the dead have risen and wander the earth in search of live victims, and it is up to Chiara and Simon to put a halt to the...

    FREE Looking for voice acting

    Voice acting I was looking for artists for the longest time, but I found everyone that I was looking for now. So now the thing I am looking for is Voice acting. For the sake of this thread not being longer than it needs to be, please PM me for details. I may not answer right away since I am not...
  8. ptimiya

    Back to Felix - COMPLETED (Brief Nudity)

      Hey everyone! "Back to Felix" is my first game ever and I'm excited to share it with you. All art and music is done by me.   For additional scripting I thank Woratana, Victor Sant, Dirs8, Yanfly, Modern Algebra, Lemony, Seer UK. Spacial thanks to Shayoko for...
  9. Hangman

    Solitude DEMO

    Solitude Abstract: Explore a spooky mansion while encountering phantoms. Genre: Thriller/Puzzle Average Demo Time: Demo time can range from 15 minutes, to an hour depending on how fast you find everything and solve puzzles Game Progression: This is going to represent about 20% of the...
  10. JRibbons


      You're a COP who has to talk a SUICIDAL MAN down from a ledge. Push him too hard and he'll jump, but get him to open up and he'll reveal a terrible secret... A 10-minute narrative thriller, with two unique endings, based on the short story "Man With A Problem" by Donald Honig (1958). There...
  11. lord_damios

    Save Me a story of mystery and horror, apparently confused, but with a lot to say,

                                    :D Introduction :D                              Hello friends ! It is a great pleasure to be part of this community. Today, I bring you information from a project that was stopped, but I decided to return to make, in RPG Maker 2003.This project is called...
  12. CharismaticGamer

    Shooting System

    Hey guys, So i'm making a zombie survival game and i have the map and everything almost done. I have the zombie stripes and more. I'm just missing a few more things. One of those things is having a shooting system. The way i want my shooting system is by making it shoot 4 directional. I dont...
  13. Firgof

    DiM: Afterhours

      A download link will be available here when it is completed.   Story/Setting Nearly a century into the future the world is still recovering from the Global Climate Crisis. With the world in disarray the games industry is thriving as more and more people attempt to escape...
  14. beenbaba

    Banner Avenue [COMPLETE v1.1]

    Story Banner Avenue is a mystery solving narrative experience. You play as Macabee Johnson as he tries to uncover the mysteries that surround this dark suburb. What is Banner Avenue, where is it and where is everyone? Gameplay Investigate Banner Avenue and uncover its secrets using...
  15. Italian thriller project-A true story

    Hello, We are from Italy, we are players from many years and masters of rpg games. We have a thriller story, actually we are working for create a innovative game with rpg maker. The story is a thriller and its based on a true story. The project is very big, the story has 3 chapters(3...
  16. sriden

    The Seventh Door

      *click on the title to download* Or Mediafire link:         Title: The seventh Door (La Septieme Porte) Software: RPG-Maker XP Genre: Supernatural Thriller with Varied Gameplay Status: Completed Year: 2012-2013...
  17. atasuke10

    Crimson Light

    The Rework is here: Featuring extended story, gameplay, character backgrounds, updated graphics, added features. The feature list: - Item quick-select/use - Improved Panic System, Spawn system for the horrors that come for you. - A feature to let you fight back at some point. - A feature that...
  18. Meguido

    A Punishment for Mai Chapter I - Updated to v1.2

    Hello everyone! So the first chapter is finally here. Maybe you've been following the progress on here: but if that's not the case I'll write down almost the same info that's in there.   A Punishment for Mai is a...
  19. Xoltox

    Me Animations!!! (and memes~)

    Zenith Factory Here are the animations that I'm working on these days... Im really bad at it. Sniper (Failed) Loop (Warning 3.9Mb Gif) -   Anarchy Trailer 1 (Original 4 year old video) -  
  20. Meguido

    A Punishment for Mai

    Hello everyone, after a long (yeah i must apologize cause it took me too long) time I finally had time to get the game i'm working on introduced here...       A Punishment for Mai is a Thriller based action-rpg game with a horror background atmosphere. You control Mai; a girl which is trapped...

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