1. Blackbirdobyri

    Player clipping through walls for no reason and locking movement direction.

    Hi all, I'm currently making a mini game where my player is "locked" to move horizontally by a parallel event that might cause some clipping. It's also no the best way to "lock" movement, though I haven't found any other way yet. I guess my question has two parts. This is the small conditional...
  2. Yawgmoth

    On/Off 'Through move route'

    Hi all, So I am working on a map with floating islands and some overlap one another, but am having issues allowing the player to walk beneath the other islands. I have tried to event this using transparent and through move routes and I can get it to sort of work but I can't turn the through off...
  3. QueenTeaYT

    Is it possible to have strikethrough text in-game?

    You know, with a line through it? I can't find any /(letter) codes for it.
  4. Jumping to turn on "through"

    Hey everyone, is there a way to check if I'm on an upper layer. For example, I have rocks rolling towards my player, both player and rock are on the same level, but when I jump, I'm above it, however the game does not recognize this, so I'd like to put in a conditional branch that checks what...
  5. Ordaricc

    Walking through impassable terrain (even with RegionRestriction)

    EDIT: -the plugins are organized and updated -tried using region restrictions on both walls/ceiling/terrain with no use Hello there. I'm using normal tileset, the tiles are marked with X so they should be impassable, but I can still walk through them, although only in certain spaces that I...
  6. Falcao ABS Through = false Problems

    Hey :) i have a Problem with the Falcao ABS Script. https://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/category/pearl-abs-liquid/ I have the Option Tool Through = false "- Tools go through walls, trees, rocks etc?" Actually, the projectile should not go through the wall, but hit the enemy. However, he does not...
  7. Event can go through another event, but won't activate.

    I want an event to pass through another event, but when I use the Through option, the event won't activate using the Event Touch trigger. Are there any plugins (or anything) that can help? I tried Yanfly Region Restrictions, but it didn't work Edit: Just mark the event that you want the moving...
  8. Albaharu

    Talking to a NPC that has the "Through" option

    Hello! I was making an NPC that walks around and goes through all, like a ghost, but if I activate that option and my player wants to talk to the ghost, the player will have to be OVER the NPC, instead of talking one to one. It's possible to make an NPC event with the through option but that...
  9. Alice's hat trick

    Events are killing me :(

    I will bless you and your loved ones if you solved this problem of mine!! Here is my situation: There is a rabbit and a bunch of poisonous grass. They are all hostile to the player, the rabbit chases the player while the grass are tiles. They both must be set to "event touch" because the player...
  10. Water Traversal Troubles

    Hi, this is my first time posting here, but I've seen before just how helpful these boards can be. So, basically, my problem is this: I have a pool of water in a dungeon, and the player can board a lily-pad to traverse the water, but I can't seem to program how this is done. So for example...
  11. Castagna

    Walk "under" walls

    Hello :)   In this rpg maker version, I can't set walls as star fields (or maybe I don't know how to do it?), so i can't walk under them, or use their tile as event to move under it. I'm using an event that make the character able to walk through walls and sets its opacity to 20 when he has to...

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