1. SleepyMachine

    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    Yo yo yo~ So, my first ever attempt at spriting led me to (attempting at) making taller versions of whtdragon's base sprites emotions and animations (Found Here), using hiddenone's tall sprite base (Which you can get Here) So with permission, I'm sharing them. ~-~-~-~-~-~ You MUST follow...
  2. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Tied up girl.

    I made an RPG sprite for this girl and I couldn't find a rope icon so I used that thing, and it looks good it looks neat when I put her on a mountain or something. CREDIT: http://fayforest.sakura.ne.jp/resource.html#%22   Lulu.

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Thursday AM
Him: When can you have this ready to test?
Me: With the amt of work plus other things on my plate, 2 weeks
Him: Can you have it ready by Monday?
Me: IF I can give my other work to someone else AND don't run into any issues AND I rush, I MIGHT be able to make it next Wednesday
Him: So Monday then?
Me: Maybe Wednesday
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