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  1. caethyril

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Caethyril's RMMV Plugins Updated 2021-03-29: General - Cae_FaceOnRight v1.5 Looking for RPG Maker MZ plugins? Click here! Features :kaohi: I've made a variety of plugins for RPG Maker MV but most of them are quite small/simple, so don't really merit their own thread. This is a intended as a...
  2. caethyril

    Tile Animation Rate

    Tile Animation Rate by caethyril Update! :kaojoy: I now have one big thread for all my plugins, including an enhanced version of this one: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/caethyrils-plugins.106255/ Features :kaohi: This is a small plugin that will allow you to adjust how...
  3. Josephkhland

    Character causing tile animations

    So I actually have something like a pool , that the player can get in. When he is inside I want it to be seen like he is half inside and half outside the water + I want to cause animations work on the water when he moves. How can I do this. Is there an option with the tiles , or is it something...

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