tile bugs

  1. Tileset Gaps on Android

    Hi, everyone! Does anyone have a fix for the gap issue in tilesets when you deploy MZ games to Android? In MV I was able to fix it setting "canvas" rendering in Community_Basic.js plugin. I noticed that SceneManager.preferableRendererType method doesn't exist anymore in MZ rpg_managers file...
  2. Momonica

    The chimney disappears in the playtest.

    I put chimneys on all my houses but if they are in this roof tile (the one in the screenshots) they disappear in the playtest: Does anybody know why this happens? I hope it isn't this tile because i would have to remake the house, but then again I can't have the blacksmith house have no...
  3. Tiles passabilty issue

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forum so I hope I'm posting it in the right place. Here is my problem : - I have tiles from A4 (Walls) set marked with an x so the player can't normally go through them - My first B tile is set to a star as I understood it should always be - There's no...
  4. FxckBanshee

    [RPG Maker MZ] | Weird tile-set warping

    I am currently in the early stages of working on a game, and I've decided to go with a 16-bit style by using 16x16 tile-set. Since RMMZ only supports tiles that are 48x48, I've had to upscale the tiles by multiplying their size by 3, making each individual 'pixel' 3x3px large to create a 16x16...
  5. Nilom

    Merging Autotiles Issue [solved]

    Hello! I merged the A tilesets Outside_A2 and Inside_A2 together. I didn't change the size or anything. I just swapped some of the autotiles with the autotiles of the other set. But now I have a problem with the counter tilesets. When I change them to counter in the tileset database (diamond)...
  6. resource wont work inside the game

    hi i really need some help... (working with rpg maker mv) i did it all by this video: and i got my resources in the game BUT when i play the game the resources are invisible! i still cant walk on the tiles i marked in X so the resource is there i just cant see him! pls help someone? I just...
  7. Ahuramazda

    Tile passability problems

    I have looked for a bit on these forums and Google and found nothing that works to solve the problem I am having. I have tried Shaz's "TerrainTags.js" and Neon Black's "CP_Star_Passability_Fix.js" and have used the latest versions (that I could find) for both. I have no other plugins that...

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