tile set

  1. Mikachip

    I tried making thin walls but it didn't work

    I'm trying to make thin walls for my map. Something along the line of these (Doesn't take 1 full tile just edges basically): So I looked for guidance and found this thread: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/how-do-you-make-thin-walls.61531/ OP said they figured it out and the...
  2. Servidion

    Need the underside of floating islands tiles. Not overworld. (MV)

    So I finally got to the Spirit Gardens section of my game. It's basically a series of floating islands with some clear floor, but the rim and underside of the island is still dirt/grass/stone. I have come to realize I don't have the underside of the islands in any form in a tile set and I don't...
  3. lazhiral

    Laz's MV Resources (Tile Sets)

    Hello! Here I'll post manly RTP Edits, since I'm not a real pixel artist, haha. But, maybe they're useful for someone :)   Terms of use Feel free to use it on commercial or non-commercial games. You are also free to re-edit it. Please do not post it elsewhere. Don't forget to credit me and...
  4. How to price a Tile set

    Hi I am a n Illustrator and recently I have been commissioned to create a tile set for an upcoming video game.The client asked for a flat rate. Since I am new to the subject matter I am not sure how to price my work to ensure "fairness". Any input about the matter would be extremely helpful...
  5. Farkas Ürdüng

    Chipset composition

    This is a tutorial on how the chipset/tileset/tile set (however you want to call it) graphic works. General: Each tile is 16*16 pixels. You have to choose a color which will be treated as the transparent color if your image editor can't use the transparent color (usually represented by...
  6. Sel Feena

    Tile check/manipulation script

    Hello, This must have been done before, but after some searching I can't find it. I'd like the ability in script to check what type of tile is at a particular map, at a particular coordinate, at a particular layer. I'd also like the ability to feed a tile number in and therefore set the tile...
  7. Joporai124

    Tile Size

    Ok I have no Idea where to put this so if it's in the wrong Place please move it. ok so if I wanted to make a TV tile for a Tile set what would be the best dimensions to use?

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