tile sets

  1. A question about RPG Maker's default tiles

    (I'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum to post this question, I wasn't sure where to ask this.) Is it possible to make a nice-looking RPG Maker game using mostly the tiles the program comes with? I don't have much in way of resources or artistic ability, so I feel I'll have to rely on them...
  2. NinjaKittyProductions

    [MV] Wild west tilesets...

    Hello gamers, We are looking for tilesets that match the original RTP of RPG Maker MV in the theme of wild west. We have probably overlooked them in the various stores and locations. So if anyone knows where we can find such tilesets and point us to it, it would be most appreciated. If they do...
  3. Tileset Selection Help

    Ok so I've taken a tileset with assets too chunky/large and resized the png in photoshop from 768 to 512. It looks good and I have the assets in the tileset sized how I want them now, the only problem is when I try right click dragging to select something from the set it's selecting too much and...
  4. ShapeshiftIdentity

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events?

    Is there a way to override tile settings using events? I want to make certain characters be able to "fly" and therefore negate any (x) tile setting and hazard. I'm also trying to create characters that can climb, which will only negate some of the (x) tiles. Is there an easy way to do this...
  5. starlight dream

    RpgM2003 Rtp Recolours, Edits and some Conversions! (14.Oct.2017)

    Hello dear dreamers of the world and welcome, In this thread I'll be posting edited material of the RTP Graphics of RpgMaker 2K3... Most of it consists of recoloured graphics, but there are a few edits as well (by me) and a few conversions from other RpgMakers' RTP. Now The Boring Terms of...
  6. The Working Man

    Gym Equipment Tiles

    Hi Resource Type: Tile sets Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original or close to MV standard Description: I need to make a gym but I'm struggling finding tiles for weights, weight benches, treadmills etc. I don't suppose anyone knows of any or if they can make them? Thank you!
  7. BlueFlamePrince

    Tileset error

    So to start off I don't know if this thread fits here. Anyways I have been working on a custom MV tile set and a problem came up that I can't fix. As you can see below I made some trees yet when adding more it erases the ones behind them. I don't know if I'm overlooking something or if this is a...
  8. Torture dungeon resource request

    I am looking for a bunch of sprites for a torture dungeon. Chains, iron maidens anything you can think of that an evil magistrate could have id prefer rpg maker mv but I can edit anything to fit.
  9. Windies

    Windies 2x the Road tile and 2x auto tile set 4.0

    Windies Random Resources     Well  ,  i'm not dead  i just had to buy a new computer ..........  yeah someone stole mine . GRRR      but other then that i'm back and making resources again Todays Treat for comercial and non comercial use  Wanted new overworld roads in...
  10. Free tilesets that are available for commercial use

    We are planning on making a psychological horror adventure RPG. Are there any tile sets we can use that are free for commercial use.
  11. TheSynan

    Creating Tiles that Actually Work?

    I feel like I've been all over the internet twice by now trying to figure out the tile system. I'm trying desperately to find a thorough instructional guide to creating tiles in an image editor, saving them (including transparency explanation) and uploading them to RPG Maker VX Ace. It seems...

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