1. kafkuma

    Kuma's MZ RTP Edits + Originals

    Hi, my name is Kuma (or Neo) and I'm a beginner at making assets for RPGMaker. While I do have experience in pixel art, I'm not very experienced at drawing furniture or other props, so I decided to start off by doing some edits (and some smaller original stuff)! I hope everyone is able to enjoy...
  2. MortisRigor

    Tile-specific sounds

    The basic idea I'm working on is to have a splashing sound play when the character walks through a puddle. Currently, I'm using a Player Touch event on every single puddle tile on a map, and with my maps, this means using upwards of ten events, just for the splashing sounds. Is there a more...
  3. Change Tile Collision With Switch

    Heya! I‘ve been trying to change a tile from being non-passable to being passable after the player has reached a certain point in gameplay. i have tried to use a switch, which turns on passability if the switch has been flipped. however it doesn’t work, and i can‘t pass the tile even when the...
  4. neopeasant

    (Solved) Tile is Able to be Walked Onto That Shouldn't Be Allowed

    (Solved: tl:dr I was using something that was set by the engine to be a Wall texture as a floor texture, and I was able to walk onto it because I was walking from another wall texture, onto another wall texture. I fixed it by adding tilesets C and D to the project and just setting the...
  5. JardsonJean

    Flat Overworld Tileset for RPG Maker MZ (48x48)

    DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It took me a little while to figure out how to make a custom tileset for RPG Maker, but I'm glad to present the first version of my flat overworld tileset for the platform. To use it, just replace the tileset files on your project. You can use all custom...
  6. How to efficiently manage a large number of bitmap objects——tiles

    Hello, creators, I am a Chinese peer game developer. My English is not good. The following machine-translated content may have some grammatical errors. I hope you can understand. I'm working on a new map loading mechanism. If it is completed, it can theoretically achieve universal multi-layer...
  7. DraiochtBheo

    Tileset editing help? What do the funny shapes mean?

    So I'm trying to set the collission on the tileset I just bought, but I don't know what the symbols mean. I know that circle means through and x means dont go through, but everything else? Nope, don't know a thing. Could I get an explanation about that please ^_^
  8. Guardinthena

    Gentle Rolling Hills

    Of course we all know that there are mountain tiles, but I wanted to talk about the lack of hill tiles. I have seen people ask around for it before, and there are sparse resources avaliable for it. I myself have tried my hand at tiny mounds and I know PandaMaru made some goregous cliff sides...
  9. Zuque

    MV whtdragon bed edit request

    Resource Type: ( Tiles) Maker Format: (MV) Makers I Own: (MV) Art Style: (Would like an edit of a bed done by whtdragon.) Description: (I would like to have a messy version of the bed shown here - by messy i don;t mean damaged but simply not tidy as in you can see the matress because the...
  10. LesserL

    How to check if there is an Event on a certain tile?

    Hello! So I have everything for my idea except for this little thingy mentioned in the title. Most of the maps are going to consist from 3 lines of tiles: 2'nd is for walking, 1'st and 3'rd are for events. And I want doors to be on both lines. When doors on the first line can be shown normally...
  11. A Little Window Tile

    Here's a nice little 96 x 48 narrow window tile for MZ and MV, which you can combine with other Japanese high school tilesets you can find like what I'm doing right now. At least give me some credit when you decide to use this one.
  12. How to make tile show on map after multiple choice question

    I wanted to have a npc ask if you wanna help them make a snowman and then i wanted a snowman to show on the map
  13. Does anyone know how i can get this premade tile

    Hey so i need the rtp dog asset thats in the nature like tileset because in my game i actually wanted this dog to help this cat which is like a thief the cat asset i dont need i have a diffrent asset for it just the dog one or does anyone know a way i can get it myself
  14. Furia25

    RMMV [SOLVED] How to count the number of region ?

    Hello, this is my first thread. (I am on mv) Sorry for my potentially bad english, this is not my first language. It's a very precise question, i'd like to count how many of specific region are in a map in a script. Pictures are better than words. For example the script/function will return...
  15. HailTheQueen

    Beginner in need of help

    Hello everyone! I have some newbie questions about RPG Maker. If someone can help me with it, it would be much appreciated. First, this is probably the most stupid question of them all. How do you keep open a choose dialog option? Since my english is trash, i'll offer an example. Char 1 talks to...
  16. Tiles passabilty issue

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forum so I hope I'm posting it in the right place. Here is my problem : - I have tiles from A4 (Walls) set marked with an x so the player can't normally go through them - My first B tile is set to a star as I understood it should always be - There's no...
  17. Dangerous_meme

    Custom tileset questions in RPG Maker VX

    In RPG maker VX I can only have 1 custom tileset. Is it possible to use a custom tileset, then remove it and replace it with another custom tileset all within the same project? Im asking because I want to create different kingdoms that all look a bit different from one another. If this is not...
  18. Eliaquim

    Eli Empty Tile Colors - Good for games with retro graphics, like gameboy stuff!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Image by Coldrice Introduction For those who use custom graphics, the black color may not always match the blank tiles on your map (or off-screen). This plugin offers a way to change that color. Features • Change the blank/empty tile color. How to use Just put the...
  19. Trudel

    How to draw a sprite/tile above event-sprite

    Hi there, i have an event, which shows a "door open" animation. Now I want to draw a sprite above that (some grass at the doorstep, to be specific). I tried using different layers, but that doesn't work. Is this possible, or should I just edit it into the door sprite?
  20. GalacticGod

    [Day 8] GalacticGod's Advent Calendar

    Terms of Use & Credit Credit: GalacticGod and Kadokawa (Additional credits if needed will be listed with material). Non-Commercial: Allowed Commercial: Allowed Repost: Yes (a link back to this thread would be nice) Edits: Allowed (a link back to this thread would be nice) Repost of Edits: Yes...

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