1. VioletSpark

    Change size of Tile Palette?

    The tiles in the palette are hard for me to see. I can zoom in on the map, but is there a way to size up the palette itself?
  2. Looking for a Castle Ruins Tileset

    I can't find any tile sets that fit my need and am looking for an exterior castle in ruins tile set to use. Thank You
  3. HelloHinnie

    Walking in the walls,even when the tile is supposed to not do it?

    So i made a hall with a unique tileset combination for it based on the rpg maker vx ace pre-set,but the wall that came in the pre-set is totally passable,even when it's marked to not.I used that same wall in the other rooms but they are just fine.I don't know why,but i think that what's causing...
  4. Tile organizing question.

    Hi! I'm making a custom tileset for Rpg Maker Mv but i can't figure out how the tiles are organized in the spritesheet. The way they are organized in the spritesheet and displayed in the tiles window are a bit confusing to me. I made a grass, sand and snow variations and they also don't match...
  5. Kentaro_

    Kouske's MV Edits and Stuff

    Hello, I make some Edits from RTP. This is my first time, to use a graphic program :o Terms: Free to use for any Projects. Please Credit "Kouske" or "Kentaro" Edits also free to use with the RPG Maker MV. Credits goes to Enterbrain/Kadokawa -Kouske
  6. megumi014

    [RMMV] Tile/Character Visibility Problem

    Hi, I have a problem with the visibility of a tile in the map: I have the handrail on the "star" visibility and it cuts down the hair of the character when it walks down the stairs. Is there any simple way to fix this problem? I guess I could fix it with scripting/editing but I would like...
  7. Keegan

    2x1 Event

    I want to make a treasure chest, but the size is 2x1 tiles, so the chest is wider than the RTP chest. I know that in editor, 2x1 graphic tiles will appear as one tile, but in game, the size will follow the size of the graphics (which is 2x1). I run it and the graphic looks good in the game...
  8. Ichigoeater

    How to place multiple, separate events on one tile

    Hi, everyone. I am VERY new to the RPG Maker game system, but have gone through tutorials for literal days. I've tried looking for an existing post to my problem, and it may be telling that it doesn't seem to exist. This may be a stupid question. You see, in my game there is a point where...
  9. Nightblade50

    Why does the B tile have to have a star at the top?

    I just had a quick question. In a tileset, why does the B tileset have to have a star for the first tile? I tried changing it but I couldn't move. Why should it be a star?
  10. Vengenous

    Walking on Water issue

    Hey guys, still new to the RPG Maker VX Ace. I was in the process of making my game which I ran a million times perfectly- but all of a sudden I’m NOW able to walk on water tiles in the world map???!!! How to I stop this? There’s no event, not even a tileset to change passage restrictions. Not...
  11. Nightblade50

    Tile Priority for ACE

    Hi! I would like to request a script. There is a plugin here... https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/ve-tile-priority.63480/ I really want this functionality, but I want it for VX Ace. Is there an existing script for VX Ace that does that? if not, can someone make one for me? Also, I...
  12. caiopalhares

    Two-tile event, higher part solid

    Hi everyone, Newbie here, so apologies if this is basic. I'm trying to create a puzzle in which the character has to push logs, and consequently the logs to roll. The log event image is bigger than a single tile, so I created the sprite and added it using the $ symbol before the name...
  13. Shadecelebi

    Tiles for my fishing shop/house

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Doesn't really matter too much at this point in time Description: I'm in the middle of creating the first town in my current game and I really wanted a few tiles that would really make my fishing shop/house really look the part. Maybe a basket...
  14. MV Magic Circle Characters

    Hey there! I haven’t been able to find any small (or large) character sheets that have things such as magic circles? I know VX and Ace come with pentagrams (I’m looking to avoid those), but was wondering if anybody could quick make or find a simple magic circle/encantion circle that I could...
  15. Llareian

    How to determine your TileID

    Tutorial topic: TileIDs, including Autotiles! Brief description: I'll be going over how to determine a tile's TileID (which is used in the map data file) using the tilesheet and the shape of the desired autotile (if applicable). This info will most likely be useful for scripters, though @Shaz...
  16. OmnislashXX


    You know when you go into an inn or shop and the merchant is usually behind the counter? I really can't find a good tile that I can use to represent a counter. Now I just purchased the game, so really I have no tilesets or plug-ins, so any advice as to what to use at this point would be helpful...
  17. Skytor

    In need of a goddess statue

    I need a statue of a goddess, not the one in rtp though. It would be a woman, face on not to the side, in a long, flowing dress and a tiara that has angel wing style adornments coming out of either side. In the centre of the forehead area is a small blue gemstone, if you can make an animation...
  18. Blocking Enemy

    Hello Makers, I'd like to implement kind of spell, which blocks the way for random moving enemys. Something like the wizard is drawing a pentagram on the ground and undead enemys cannot cross the tile. I have no idea how to start. Is it possible doing this with scripting? Or do I need a...
  19. AdamSakuru

    Change animated tile frame-rate?

    I'd like to know where in the base JSS files you can alter the speed of the animated tiles! I don't need a custom plugin, I'd just like to make the frame-rate a bit faster for all the animated tiles in my project. I've been looking through rpg_sprites.js but I have not been able to find it...
  20. Skytor

    Need Tiles to make a machine

    So I am working on an steampunk interior engine room for a airship and am currently using the bokou steampunk tile set, and as good as it is, it doesn't look right when you just throw a bunch of different pieces together in a room, so I am looking for a few steampunk-ish tiles, machine parts...

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