1. Paladin Ramos

    OverWorld Farm Tile v0.2 + Graveyard v0.1 + Aquaduct v0.1

    Just to give something back to the comunity. I made this for miself, just some copy/paste, but i think it will do. It's free to everyone, you can do watever you like. edit: some "bugs" were fixed.   ------------------------------ edit: New Content Added a graveyard plus an aquaduct...
  2. Tigersong

    Write that down

    Hello, people. I'll try and make this succinct. I was just tinkering about with the trial version of V.X. and ran into a major problem- I can't put one tile on top of another. What I wanted to something similar to Harvest Moon- an event where the player makes a "journal entry" in order to save...
  3. wrigty12

    Modern boat tiles?

    Hey there, I am making a port town, and I need somewhat "modern" boats, not so much pirate ships and rowboats that I see everywhere. I have searched around, but have not come up with anything. Does anyone have any, or know where to find some? Thanks!
  4. Shinma

    Poison Tile Question

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might be able to assist me with an issue I have come across. I have some wooden platforms stretching across some poison water but I still take damage when I cross them. I have tried it just as a tile and I have tried placing the wood as an event, but I still...
  5. Jericho Swain

    Character not showing on New Tilesets

    Hi I just wanted to know why my character sprites are not showing up on the new tile sets I just implemented into the game. I have the tile sets on Area type. Here is an image of the tile set and I'm not sure if I need a script but as far as I know I shouldn't need one but who knows that may be...
  6. LeoHalliwell

    Passable tile issue

    So here's the issue that I am having. I'm inside my main character's home, and as you can see, I'm trying to make him a bath. But even though  I have the tile in "A" set to "O" I still can't walk on it. The first tile in "B" is set to a star, and I tried setting that one to "O" but then I can...
  7. KitsuneKokuen

    Help Passing behind buildings.

    I've built a map that's a modern city and one thing that I find unacceptable is that I can't find a way to have the character pass behind tiles that should be in the air, such as the top half of a sky scraper. I've looked through various forums and search results and haven't been able to get any...
  8. Jxkl5

    HELP: Tile not placing

    Hi, I'm trying to make a rouge like game. I was goining for original tiles. I started and wanted to test the floor so I did this... But for some reason, when I try to place it, it does not appear on the map... why?
  9. Tigersong

    A pawprint, please

    I'm looking for a special tile- namely, a wolf's pawprint in dirt or mud. If you could add it to the Exterior tileset, that would help immensely.
  10. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Looking for some "Futuristic" Resources

    Our upcoming project, VoltAge, has a kind of steampunk/post apocalyptic setting, and we are having a bit of trouble finding resources we can use. We already have the "Futuristic" pack available from the store, but if anyone knows of any treasures in the way of icons, battlers, etc. that are...
  11. Make random encounters only occur on a specific tile?

    I apologise if this is something easy that I'm missing, but I was wondering if there is a script (or any method) to make random encounters only happen on bush tiles, kind of like in Pokemon. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  12. AuraSky

    Need help with modern day shop add on

    Hey, Okay, so I got the modern day bundle which includes the modern day tile set and the shop add on. I got the tile set to work, however my issue is the shop add on isn't working. I clicked the download button on the e-mail and it downloads a .rar file. No folder or jpg and since there are no...
  13. Venere

    Venere & Marte's Resources

    Introduction Hello dear everyone from all over the world! Venere & Marte is a beginner artists team for RPGMaker. I would like to share our resources which we made for practice on this topic. I'm very happy if you like them. Thanks!   Latest Resources Streetlamps (25 July 2013) Sprite of...
  14. Napoleon

    Hide/make transparent when player walks behind it?

    When I have a tall building for example and the players walks behind it, then I want the building tile to be transparent (or hidden if not possible) (and preferably the tiles around the player too). I could do this by using events instead of regular tiles. But then every map would have a huge...
  15. Hororo

    window light rays

    i would like to request a graphic wherein you show a light rays for windows probably like this one: http://imageshack.us...273bd3.jpg/sr=1 the light ray might be the same size like that one :) i hope you can help me ;P

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