1. kafkuma

    Kuma's MZ RTP Edits + Originals

    Hi, my name is Kuma (or Neo) and I'm a beginner at making assets for RPGMaker. While I do have experience in pixel art, I'm not very experienced at drawing furniture or other props, so I decided to start off by doing some edits (and some smaller original stuff)! I hope everyone is able to enjoy...
  2. LostAndFoundRPG

    How to change walkability of a tile?

    I come from VX, so there was a little toolbar icon you could press, and it would let you change the tiles you could walk on. How do I access this mode in MZ?
  3. Making_JRPGs_with_AI

    Increase Tile Size Above 48x48 - New Plugin Needed? Any work arounds?

    I recently purchased RPG Maker MZ with a bunch of the DLC to help me get started with my first JRPG project using text and image generation ML models. I really need to increase the maximum tileset size - I'm going to be creating hopefully beautiful high resolution character and enemy sprites...
  4. Request: Orc related tiles

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I am desperately looking for tiles for my various orc/goblin camps/cities. I am attaching some references. Here is a more natural-sounding translation: I'm on the hunt for tiles for my various orc/goblin camps/cities. I've...
  5. LostAndFoundRPG

    how to stretch event?

    I have a passage that triggers an event, and I want to stretch it thru the entire passage tiles. How do I do this?
  6. OpenTangent

    RMMV Raise Impassible Tile Z-Index

    I tried making a plugin that would render impassible tiles in front of (above) the player sprite but ultimately failed to get it right. I need this because I'm using an 8-way movement plugin and when the player crosses diagonally through an impassible tile, that tile is currently rendered behind...
  7. Church Confessional

    Hello everyone! \o/ I've been trying to find either confessional tiles or a way to make one myself, but honestly I can't really figure out how best to do it. Now I am talking a confessional you can actually enter in both sides. This is the best I've got so far but obviously the "wall" in...
  8. Zamore

    texture error

    Could someone tell me why this is happening? the underside of the table is changing tile! RPGM MV
  9. Zamore

    bathroom signs

    I looked everywhere and I didn't find those bathroom signs, which indicate male or female, could it be my incompetence? Yes, and it probably is, but I've been looking for hours and I haven't found any, does anyone know where I can find this?
  10. Digital Religion

    Tile ID Finder Plugins

    Hey everyone! This weekend, I found myself wanting to shake things up a bit. The usual design grind was starting to feel repetitive, and I craved a break. A detour, if you will. So, I decided to dive back into the world of RPG Maker MV and MZ, and guess what? I emerged with a shiny new tool for...
  11. supah

    Palette changing for monochrome sprite sheets or tiles?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to do something where you can change the palette of your character, your character and NPCs around you, or tiles in the map. For example, lets say a character uses an item that changes their palette or the world around them, or if they enter a new map...
  12. Tile layering issue

    I am trying to put tiles on top of tiles, specifically B tiles. Everything on the map is a B tile, including the ground and buildings. I am trying to put other things on the houses, like signage and the like, but the ground underneath keeps getting erased, leaving me with these blank areas. Is...
  13. SorbetInAPie

    Tree autotiles being weird

    Here, I am trying to edit the tree tiles for my custom tileset. However, my fir trees have this strange issue where an individual tree being placed down has bits of other trees in the tile. How would I fix this?
  14. NotADev

    RMMZ OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix: Tiles not displayed as intended

    This issue does apply when using a fresh project of MZ v1.6.1 I'm using the OcRam_Star_Tile_Fix plugin that renders star passable tiles above/below the player depending on said player's y-position. I'm having some issues however with how the tiles are appearing when playing. The plugin makes...
  15. Kitchen, bakery and food tiles that work with RTP (VX Ace)

    Hi y'all! My game is centered around a bakery/food shop, and I was wondering if anyone knew of good tiles for that. Anything that includes breads and cakes and stuff to be sold would be amazing, or any tiles with RTP style kitchen/bakery kitchen stuff. Thank you so much!
  16. I have a question about 16x16 tiles in MZ

    So, my 16x16 building tiles worked absolutely fine when upscaled to 48x48 but when used just as 16x16 they become a glitchy mess and i have no idea why it is like that. Does the format you have to arrange the tiles in change when switched to 16x16? If yes, what is it? Can I have an example? Any...
  17. Is there a way to make animation sprites be on the front-most layer?

    Hello! I wanted to have there be an animated tile on top of a different tile (Because most of the tile is transparent), however if I designate it as the A1 animation image it goes to the bottom-most layer instead. Is there any way to change the order of the layers/images, or another way to place...
  18. is it possible to check the tileID in front of the player? If not, can I make multi-tile events?

    I'm in the middle of making a game that's kinda dynamic and has semi-procedural generation. In this specific case I wanna be able to cut down trees, but the tree can grow from being 1x1 to 2x2 after time passes (using Shaz's tilechanger plugin to achieve this). Normally I'd just use an event and...
  19. HailTheQueen

    Help with changing tiles trough event

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to make an event change the tiles of the map. Think, for example, of a door getting destroyed and sustituting the normal door with the broken one. I can't find for the life of me the way to do it. And can you change an event image without ussing a trigger? For example...
  20. SixxyPrissy

    Prissy's MV Resources

    Heeeelloooooo~! Hooooolaaaaa~! Welcome to what I expect to become a big thread of MV resources created/edited by me. One of the things I spent the most time in when developing is editing the RTP tiles to create new resources while I'm in need of them. But sometimes I feel like keeping them to...

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