tileset data

  1. ElMenda

    How can I use my owns tileset on rpg maker vx?

    I want to use my onws tileset, I import them but I don't know how to put it on the manager. (sorry for bad english)
  2. RaxecV

    Intelectual rights?

    I'm not sure if this is the right title. Hi guys! I'm fresh here but some friends and I have been making a game in VX Ace for some weeks. I've run into a bunch of tilesets from Celianna and I absolutely love them. I'm using some of them ... My doubt is, how do I credit her/him when the game is...
  3. BlackRoseMii

    "Failed to load tileset data"

    So I'm having a HUGE problem here. Right before the end of the IGMC... My project file won't open. I've looked around and tried what people said. I've made a new project, copied the files one by one, replaced whatever data failed from a new project etc. But now this happend: I wanted to...

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