tileset help

  1. New to RMMZ, Need some help.

    Hi! I'm working on a new project and just bought RMMZ and the Time Fantasy pack (It said it was compatable and I loved the style.) But I don't know how to properly get it to load without being very... weird. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    I Need Help With Tilesets

    So I bought a resource pack that's not originally for RPG Maker MV called Awakening: Complete Tileset by Sodacoma and I've been using Photoshop to resize the sprites and tiles but I'm having trouble figuring out where each tile goes. I figured out how to set up the water tiles and a few other...
  3. dawnhunter

    multi-directional animated water(MV)

    Hi! It's been a while since I posted here... I'm working on recreating a Zelda map so that I can teach myself some mechanics and - mostly - for fun. However I ran into a snag that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm recreating the Link's Awakening map and - unless I'm seeing this wrong - in the...
  4. Anyone know how to fix this tileset issue?

    Been trying to fix this issue of sprites getting split and nothing's worked. Do I need to use GIMP for this (I don't have photoshop)? If so, what do I need to do? Some help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. RPG Maker MV: Is there a way to increase the maximum number of rows in the tilesets that Page "A-3"

    I am new to RM (1 month) and I have been able to upload autotiles into MV and they work correctly, however there seems to be a limit to how many rows I can put in the "A-3" page, the limit being 4 rows (roof, wall, roof, wall is what I have currently). Is there a way to increase this, is there a...
  6. MagicDoogies

    Tiles Overlapping

    I've looked all over the forums and I have seen similar issues but none seem to address my current issue. I'm not new to making tilesets, and I'm currently working on a project where I have made two already with no issue. To clarify I'm making auto tiles, but I'm using the pre existing default...
  7. Fifty613

    Need Help With Tileset's & GIMP (GIMP Noob)

    Its been a while since I've used an RPG Maker, I think the last time was RPGM 2k3. I have RPGM VXA now and have read up on a few things and have been using a combo of MS Paint and GIMP to make my tilesets. My problem is when I create a tileset and import it to RPGM when I use anything from it...

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