1. Krizzirk_Ivanzoughe_Eysel


    Hi, everyone. While browsing DLC on Steam, I stumbled upon on, shall I say, a nifty tool, named Tilesetter. Seems like a good stuff, can accelerate tilesets creation. Anyone has experience on it yet? And would be awesome if someone made a tutorial for this for RPG Maker community.
  2. JardsonJean

    Flat Overworld Tileset for RPG Maker MZ (48x48)

    DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< It took me a little while to figure out how to make a custom tileset for RPG Maker, but I'm glad to present the first version of my flat overworld tileset for the platform. To use it, just replace the tileset files on your project. You can use all custom...
  3. Darkness Void

    Forest Destroyed By War Tileset?

    I've been trying to create a map in my game of a barren wasteland that used to a lust jungle. But I'm not seeing anything that would fit it in terms of tiles. Does anyone know of any tilesets that would work for this sort of area? I'm using VX Ace but I can edit tilesets from other versions to...
  4. How do you use custom tilesets?

    I got rpg maker mv during the steam sale because i had always wanted to make games but i couldnt find an easy thing to start with until i saw rpg maker so i bought it as soon as possible. after using it for a few days at this point im definitely going to make at least a few games in it, starting...
  5. sorta44

    Tileset ingame appears as just black. Using default editor, and am experimenting something.

    Basically, ingame, my tileset appears as just black. I'm trying out upscaling images, and wow it works perfectly in the editor, but when the game starts up, it's just black. Here, look at this image. I will provide my tileset if needed.
  6. I have a question about 16x16 tiles in MZ

    So, my 16x16 building tiles worked absolutely fine when upscaled to 48x48 but when used just as 16x16 they become a glitchy mess and i have no idea why it is like that. Does the format you have to arrange the tiles in change when switched to 16x16? If yes, what is it? Can I have an example? Any...
  7. Plueschkatze

    Autotile Tutorial Video

    Tutorial topic: How autotiles work Brief description: A quick tutorial on how autotiles work, so people have an easier time editing them or creating their own :) Requirements: Owning an image editing software of your choice and some basic knowledge with that (I use Clip Studio Paint in the...
  8. mad_maniac

    Town/City Bell

    Is there any tileset containing a bell? Like a simple bell as intruder alarms in medieval societies sort of a thing.
  9. LilyFlorist

    Large Bed Tileset (MZ)

    Hello! I'm working on a Commercial Project for RPG Maker MZ! Inside the Inns in the game are VIP Suites, and I would like a very large bed done in the MZ Style. Size wise, I'm looking for 4x6 tile bed, with a design/color scheme that matches the red and gold couch (the one in the "Inside_B"...
  10. Pe-render 3D tileset?

    Hello all, I'm new to RPG Maker and wanted to know if Pre-rendered 3D tileset are possible? I'm not talking about "parallax mapping", but making something in Blender and then converting it to a tileset. On the same note, can it be done with Pre-rendered 3D character sprites? Thank you for...
  11. HailTheQueen

    [MV] University theme

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for college/university themed resources. Classic anime style uniforms, modern building, all that. Do you happen to know a good pack for it?
  12. Telemindred

    In need of sprites, battlers and tilesets

    Resource Type: Character, Monster and Animal Sprites. Monster Battlers. More Tilesets. Maker Format: RPGVX Ace Makers I Own: RPGVX Ace Art Style: Ace's art style as a base, but with an original flare to it. Description: I'm in need of certain sprites, battlers and tilesets. The base style I...
  13. Soybean

    Theater/drama themed tileset?

    With stuff like a stage, seats, and maybe props?
  14. Trevaz

    change the sprite layer according to where the player is

    Hi, funnys My game has a large open world map and this ends up causing some conflicts in sprites. In this bridge, for example, the character always goes over it, regardless of being in the layer below or not. Is it possible to make the bridge appear from above when the player is below and...
  15. ElMenda

    How can I use my owns tileset on rpg maker vx?

    I want to use my onws tileset, I import them but I don't know how to put it on the manager. (sorry for bad english)
  16. SecretSigil

    Requesting Mansion Tile Sets

    Resource Type: Characters (for anything animated) & Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Makers I Own: XP & VX Ace (I use VX Ace mainly) Art Style: Mack or Artist's original Description: I've made a lot of custom assets of my own but there are some that I can't quite pull off with my current skill set...
  17. NekoChanLP

    Searching for Tilesets,Cloths and Maybe more Eyes and Hair

    Hello guys, (sorry for my bad english its not my main language) i am pretty new to RPG Maker MV and i want to make a game based on Danganronpa on Hopespeak (dont worry i dont want to do copyright stuff exept for a Monokuma model) And now i search for a tileset school based. I want to build...
  18. FlandreScarlet64

    Free 16-bits/retro styled tilesets.

    Hi i was searching a lot for some kind of free 16 bits/retro styled tilesets, i did found a cool one but it was made for rpg maker 2003 when i use vx ace (and converting tilesets from 2003 to vx ace while possible, is a pain), if possible i was looking for something similar to the snes final...
  19. OpenTangent

    How to find and replace tiles on a map

    I've moved some tiles around on my tileset to make space for larger objects and now, of course, the maps that use that tileset are messed up due to incorrect tile referencing. Is there as way to find and replace (Ctrl+H) tiles in RPG Maker MV? Or do I have to manually repaint every map that uses...
  20. MV spaceship/space station tileset?

    I'm making a game (as a learning exercise, nothing commercial) set on a spaceship. Has anyone made appropriate tilesets and is willing to share?

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