1. kyris1412

    How do cracked floors in RPG maker mv work??? Also looking for tilesets

    I'm unsure how to phrase this, so sorry in advance! I'm working on a game set in an abandoned hotel and having trouble finding tilesets that work for it. I found some that work really nice in general with the vibe of a hotel, but I want to have some floors and walls cracked which the tilesets...
  2. JardsonJean

    RPG Card Template - Persona Style

    DOWNLOAD NOW!! >>> https://ladyluck.itch.io/rpg-card-template-persona-style This template brings the vibrant aesthetic of Persona 5 to your card game project with all original assets. With sleek lines, punk/urban style, and a touch of the iconic Persona 5 UI color scheme, your game will exude...
  3. SpyroFan67

    RPG Maker MV Castle Ruins Tileset

    Does anyone have a tileset compatible with RPG Maker MV of a ruined or destroyed castle? Looked on Itch.IO and all over the Internet and on Kokuro Reflections and everywhere-couldn't find one-specifically what I need is a ruins of a Gothic or "evil" (villain) castle. I mean, if there is none, I...
  4. Need help for sleepy tileset

    I am trying out UltraMode 7 and I have configured everything according to my needs, but I cannot find solutions for "flattened" objects. I have seen many people do it, but because of my poor English I cannot find explanations on how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  5. What is the best way to put tourist attractions in my city in the game?

    Hi everyone, I want to put some tourist attractions from my city in my game, what would be the best way to do this? 1: Creating an illustration and placing it as a picture. 2: make an obj in blender and import using the 3D plugin 3: important google maps in blender, exporting in obj and...
  6. Steam DLC Tilesets Support (FIXED)

    I downloaded the JP DLC Tilesets for a new addition to my maps. But I'm getting this msg when I test the game. Doe anyone know how to fix this? Can't seem do it on any of the maps I just added. I think I found the reason, the "X" and "O" needs to be copied from exisiting page to make sense. Not...
  7. Juanita Star

    Kueka Stone tileset

    Can someone help me with this really big Stone? Is a sacred stone from Venezuela and I would like to reference it in a game for some friends from there. To be used in Ace along FSM material.
  8. Apocalypticat

    Sprite/Tileset Packer Help

    Hello everyone. If this is not the right place to ask, I apologize. I am new to RPG Maker MZ and I have a question regarding Tilesets and Sprites. Up until now I have been manually creating/aligning my various tilesets in Paint.Net and although this is working perfectly fine, it is a bit...
  9. Zamore

    Tilesets for MV

    I'm looking for a tileset for MV that looks like this: Pixel Myth: Germania
  10. Prescott

    Simplifying RTP tilesets

    Hey there, I've realized that most the art in my game kind of clashes with the RTP tilesets. They're a little too detailed. I have them scaled at 50% at the moment, which crunches them up to make them have the same property as the other art in my game, where 4 pixels equals 1 pixel, kind of like...
  11. Pe4enika

    Looking for floor tiles...

    Hello, I have been recently looking for modern floor (A2) light tilesets, like smooth stone, tiles, or ceramics. I rushed through popular libraries like Granny's and Any's but didn't find anything similar in the A2 category. If I missed something or if you have anything to share, I would greatly...
  12. Help! Tileset turns invisible when used

    Hi. This is my first time making my own tileset and I'm running into an issue where my PNGs will load into the editor but won't actually show up when I place them down. The program acts like I put down a tile when, for some reason, it's invisible. I imagine it's "there" because it removes the...
  13. RPG Maker MZ test play reading the 16*16 tile set as 48*48 tile set, even though specified 16*16 tile size in System 2 menu

    Hi, I'm having this problem: I'm using a 16*16 tileset, so I set 16*16 tile size in this menu. The map making screen returns expected result. But when I test play the game, it reads the 16*16 tile set at 48*48 size, thus broke the map. How can I fix this? I tried search on the internet but...
  14. CraigAnderson

    I need a bigger Tileset

    The largest tileset I've seen when I first bought RPG Maker MZ is h768 x w768, and that was in the "B: C: D: E: " Sections I want to know if the tilesets can go higher than h768 x w768. I need a larger sheet so that I can draw in more objects for my map.
  15. Looking for a modern boat tileset?

    Does anyone know if there's a modern boat tileset for RPG Maker XP? Something like this Or for a more extreme and also fictional example this Ideally it'd have both exterior and interior tiles but I'm sure I could make a plausible interior out of the tiles I have.
  16. Tiles with PNG background problem

    i'm not sure what happen But All my A5 tile that has PNG in it, Doesnt work Properly it will Include the PNG background instead of being a Transparent. i have open and see the tileset File through Folder, everything is in order. Sorry for my Grammar.
  17. Ancient India RTP

    I feel like Ancient India and Hindu mythology have been neglected by the RTP, especially the sprites and tilesets. Granted, RPGMaker MZ is my main stay, so I'd like to see some buddies here fix the lack of RTP tilesets for Ancient India by making some when you guys have the free time. It all...
  18. SithLordSky

    "Underworld" tileset towns

    Hey everyone, anyone. I'm trying to make a map, like my title states, an Underworld theme. I have pieced together different things from whtdragon's stuff, but I don't have "towns" to put on the map. They're all with greenery. Can anyone point me into the right direction to find some more...
  19. Change tile set from 48x48 to 32x32

    Is it possible to change the tile set size from 48x to 32x? including the X's and O's from the database tileset?
  20. Rcsebud

    Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Negative Space?

    Hi all. I've made some sprites for a fangame I'm making, but I've realized that the negative space around each object hinders my character's ability to move around freely. Is there a way to get rid of it or minimize it? As far as I'm concerned, the standard and set size for tilesets in MZ is 48...

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