1. makeing custom tilesets and other things for my game

    hello i am makeing a game from rpg maker xp and i was wondering how to make a custom tileset basically use the pre installed ones but give them a red tint Kinda like underfell but using the main graphics for a hard mode in the game and also how to make the 3 modes easy medium and hard. i wanted...
  2. Looking for Custom Tileset (Paid)

    Hello; Looking for quotes to make a modern London hotel (along the lines of the Rosewood) Sorted these out into layers but did try to be as in details as I could be for what I am looking for in RPG Maker MZ; Room; King Bed; Single Bed; Side Table; Drawers; Table with Chairs; Dressing Table...
  3. [RMMZ] Korean/Japanese City Tilesets

    Hi everyone~ Resource Type: Tilesets Maker Format: MZ/MV (can use if no MZ available which is understandable, they are the same resolution anyway) Art Style: Ideally, I'd like something akin to Gutty Kreun's work done for VX Ace (but of course mine would be for MZ/MV). Otherwise, as long as...
  4. Phil32

    [RPGMV] Looking for Desert/Arabian-style/Aladdin-style tilesets

    Hello everyone. Resource Type: Tilesets Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP-like in visual style (something that won't dramatically clash with the RTP) Description: Looking to start creating my desert area of my game, and I'm looking for something more interesting than what is found in the...
  5. falken14

    Airship tileset for MV

    I had trouble finding an airship interior tileset to match the character sprite of the MV airship, so I created one. It is derived from MV RTP, the free Ship tileset from Kadokawa, and inspired by the XP ship. Optional top deck vehicle character sprite, airship parallax layer, and example maps...
  6. Bug Forest B (Snow) is identical to Forest A

    The Outside tileset (specifically the Outside_A4 tab) lacks a unique appearance for the "wall" part of the Forest B (Snow) tile. Both Forest A and Forest B (Snow) look identical, with green grass between the tree trunks. On the left, you can see the Forest A tiles used on the grass tiles, on...
  7. tale

    Retiranatisu MV tileset edits

    Terms of Use- Commercial use: OK (you can't sell material by itself) Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK For RPG Maker MV credit: レティラナティス (Retiranatisu) Source (found on resource section) https://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewforum.php?f=15 Feel free to use these...
  8. BlueFlamePrince

    underwater city / ruins tileset

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can help with a underwater theme modern day town tile set. If posable something like Bioshock the game. It takes place in a underwater city that is falling apart. The "ruins" part in my title represents areas of the city being flooded. perhaps water flowing out...
  9. tale

    com_sho MV-RTP Tileset Pack

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting MV-RTP Tileset Pack here. Tileset Pack include: - akumu (nightmare) - arabian - dangerous neighborhood - forest - horror_house - horror_house_splatter - kabe (fancy room) - mvtiles (modern fantasy) - okasi_tile (Sweet Home, Sweet Village) -...
  10. tale

    com_sho Pastel Room Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tileset image here. It's a lovely pastel-colored furniture tileset. Preview- Room colors are pink and light blue. Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can...
  11. Kristina

    Sewer Tileset smoke missing

    I got the sewer and factory tileset. I noticed that this smoke...damp or what to call it isn't in the pack. First I didn't think much of it but then I noticed that a game using the tiles is using that exact smoke like on the picture. Where do I find it?
  12. Barthdry

    Is there any Tileset Setted project that can be used for free

    I want a project that contains setted tileset which doesn't need any rtp. Is there any presetted project. If any please give a link and it should be free to distrubute to internet after modifying
  13. SrPoeMaker

    [RMXP] Problem with Tileset Import

    Hello Maker! Thanks for stopping to read my post. The following happens: I understand that the Tilesets in RPG Maker XP are 256x sizes ??? Whatever you want long, and each tile is 32x32. The problem is that I downloaded some resources, they were not at 256, but at 96. I opened Photoshop, I...
  14. Journey_Sticks

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v4.0.4

    Some of the images may appear to be broken links (but they aren't), you may need to refresh the page a few times. I am working on the issue. I removed all of the .gif images to see if that helps. (Update, it didn't) Update 1.2, Added Greenhouse corrected issues on trees Update 2.0, Added...
  15. Anybody knows about an Observatory Resize?

    I'm looking for a resize for an observatory from a C tiled Overworld Set, I've been too busy scouting the forum and attempting to make my own but the result was too sloppy, If anyone knows please sent me the link (My Engine is MV if anyone wants to know)
  16. Hyouryuu-Na

    [MV] Hospital tileset?

    Hello! I'm looking for hospital tilesets for MV. Searching on google, all I find is for VX Ace. Can anyone please point me to some tilesets or parts of a tileset or spritesheet? Anything hospital related is fine because I just can't find anything ^^;
  17. jamcub

    RMMV Sprite Layering Issue

    I've run into a really, really weird issue. Using the Time Fantasy and some of the add on packs (see screenshot below for details): I have a town here: Using these tilets in their respective spots: I get these ... weird issues on some of the buildings but not always...? Why ... is that...
  18. StartTsu_

    [MZ] Looking for chained character tileset [CHIBI]

    I'm looking for character tilesets attached to chains that I can place on a wall, and I would like to be able to customize the stuck character.
  19. StartTsu_

    [MV/MZ] I really need a bottle.

    I'm looking for a tileset with a very large bottle that can serve as the home of my game's protagonist, If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.
  20. StratumChecker

    Wrong tileset displayed in editor, but fine in-game? [RPG Maker VX]

    Hey all, first time poster here. Sorry for any issues, I am not a particularly techy guy, but I am looking for some help. I am working on a project, where I am recreating a game initially made on VX (not ace) to MV by hand. However, I am coming across an issue where in the editor, the wrong...

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