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  1. OmgItsMisaChii

    Trouble with Tile sets

    Good evening everyone, I am kinda new to making games on RMVXA. I wanted to import custom tilesets off of the internet and I have found amazing tilesets however I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. {Check the attached image please} (C) is how they look like originally when I import them to...
  2. Davox

    How to export/import tilesets?

    First of all, sorry if i posted in the wrong section,i'm still new, i've been messing with the tilesets for a while but i really wanna make a focused subject/theme tileset (sorry if im not clear). so for exmaple, i wanna make a fantasy forest map, so i need the graphics and i have them, how...
  3. Cerevire

    FnaF Tilesets for MV

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone knew of any Five nights at Freddy's tilesets sized for MV? The ones I've found so far are very lacking and sized for VX Ace I'll take VX Ace tilesets if there's some more than just a few cupcakes but then there's the sizing issue.  I've looked into...

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