1. SpyroFan67

    Super Mario RPG Maker MV Tileset?

    Ok so I have a strange dilemma. I want to make a "Super Mario" game privately just for my own enjoyment and I have sprites of every single character I could ever want-but no matter where I look, I CANNOT find Super Mario tilesets for RPG Maker MV! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! XD
  2. SpyroFan67

    Mind Tileset?

    Ok so I decided that maybe at some point in my game I was going to have this trippy part where the main character is actually inside the other character's mind and is actually going through all of their personal memories, and I was wondering if there is a tileset for the inside of someone's...
  3. How to import a custom tileset for 24x24 tile project?

    I am using RPG maker MZ V 1.7.0 Hello, this has probably been discussed before. I have a project set to have 24x24 tiles. I have followed guides online or importing custom tilesheets, but they are mostly for 48x48. I have used the file of the default graphics, deleted them in an image editor...
  4. SpyroFan67

    Any Way To Get Additional Tileset Slots?

    Hi everyone. I need some help with something. I recently got the Kokuro Reflections "Ruins Kit" tileset but I'm having trouble implementing it for a map I'm using. To be specific, I have a map of a town taken from the "Town Of Beginnings" DLC. I want to destroy ALL of the buildings in the town...
  5. My tilesets are shrinking?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to RPG maker MV and want to create a project with my own art. However I've run into a problem uploading my tilesets where they shrink when I add them to the data base for some unknown reason. here's a photo for reference: This is the photoshop file, and the dimensions...
  6. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Pop! style tilesets

    Does anyone have or know of any tilesets that are in the style of Pop!?
  7. SpyroFan67

    Church Ruins Tileset?

    Does anyone know of any tilesets for a destroyed church? I want to have a scene inside a church where two people are battling each other with magic, and there's a huge magic explosion, smashing all the windows and turning the church itself to ruins. I thought it'd be pretty epic. So I was...
  8. Switching tilesets while making the map

    Howdy, been scrolling the forum in an attempt to find any reference to being able to change between tilesets whilst constructing the map itself. Everything i find is "How can i make this tile change to another tile when stepped on" and such, which isnt what i need. Just want to be able to...
  9. Rinober

    Futuristic Outlands - Showcase

    Hey all! Finally, my new pack Futuristic Outlands was released. Find it on the RpgMaker DLC store or Steam(MZ) / Steam(MV). With the Futuristic Outlands pack you can finally create exciting environments for your heroes to explore - colorful forests, rough mountain areas, luminous lakes...
  10. Agent334

    RMVXA [FINISHED GAME] Doraemon: Nobita's Resident Evil The Dawn

  11. Tuna_tuna

    How can I reformat downloaded tileset?

    I downloaded the free version of the “Modern Interior” tileset by LimeZu on itch.io with the intention of buying the full version of their packs once I’m further into development with my game. But these files aren’t formatted for RPG Maker even tho the description on the itch.io page claims...
  12. Tuna_tuna

    Is it a bad idea to build your game first and then replace all the art assets last?

    So I’m developing my first ever game project. It’s nothing major. It’s mostly exploration and puzzle focused with a gacha system for gaining new followers to help in battle. I decided to make it with just the base assets because every other time I’ve tried to start a project, the idea of...
  13. Tokeitawa

    Tokei Wares [VX/Ace Edits etc.]

    This will consist of free to use resources for your VX/Ace projects. This will include RTP Edits and credit for those won't be necessary unless it contains something not originally included in RTP. [/COLOR][/B][/COLOR] Preview Preview Custom This is reserved for assets made by myself ...
  14. Misttt

    School and horror tilesets rpg maker mv

    Hi there guys,i will do a game after a long time and im try to find a normal school tileset and horror tilesets but i only find default tilesets with blood and how you guys are more “familiarized” with rpg maker maybe can help me.
  15. Where can I download png images of the base tilesets?

    I am basically in the fetus stages of creating my game, so it’s not like I’m deep into anything atm. I was thinking what I wanted to do was take the base tilesets and then redraw my own tileset on top, but I don’t know how it where I can download a png image of the base tilesets in the game so...
  16. Ronnie

    Template for Wall Tilesets

    Hi guys, does somebody have a template without patters and shadows / full colors (something like in my screenshot) for the walls for MV/MZ?!? I tried several hours and hours to get the pixels on the corners correct, but it's very hard to do. The default tilesets walls that come with the engine...
  17. dyzzythedemon

    Difficulty with custom tilesets

    Hello! New to the forums, cuz reddit was unhelpful and I thought I should come here for advice instead. So, basically what I want to know is what dimensions are required for custom tilesets in RMMZ? Because right now I've got a bunch of tiles, but when I try to put them in the tileset menu...
  18. Misttt

    looking for Tileset

    I´m looking for tilesets Library haunted or library abandoned for free (for rpg maker mv)
  19. haze_dj

    Where can i get these Tilesets/Assets?

    Does anybody know what the name of these tilesets/materials is? Where can I buy/download them? I'm really new to RPG Maker so I don't know much about this stuff.
  20. SkadiCat

    Larger Sprites, Larger Tilesets?

    Hello, I apologize if I have put this in the wrong place. >.< I am going crazy reading forms and google-fuing. I figured the worst I could do is finally ask. I am new to RPG maker on the whole, and MZ is what I started with, perhaps not the best choice, I haven't decided yet. The issue I...

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