1. SkadiCat

    Larger Sprites, Larger Tilesets?

    Hello, I apologize if I have put this in the wrong place. >.< I am going crazy reading forms and google-fuing. I figured the worst I could do is finally ask. I am new to RPG maker on the whole, and MZ is what I started with, perhaps not the best choice, I haven't decided yet. The issue I...
  2. goosetrava

    will make tilesets

    i will make a custom tiles set for free. all i need is a color palette, size, and what the tileset is of (horror game, props, walls, etc.) extra request can be made at your own risk. ps, these are just tilesets, not spritesheets, windowskins, or anything else. example:
  3. Misttt

    looking for Tilesets

    I´m was looking for tilesets company like this for exemple
  4. Ji_Tealeaf

    Ji's XP Assets

    Hi everyone! I'm brushing up on my spriting. It's been about twelve years since I last worked on pixel art. Please forgive me if this post isn't formatted perfectly; this is my first time uploading assets. Below please find some of my recolors of the XP RTP. Terms of Service: Free for use in...
  5. Tilesets with anime merch

    Okay I know this is probably way too specific but I figured I’d ask anyways. I’m creating a slice of life game and there’s a certain character who is really into anime. I want to put anime looking posters, figurines, or plushies in his room. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources...
  6. TeiRaven

    Sithjester's RMXP Resources

    Sithjester's website has gone offline. However, with her permission, we've compiled all of her resources and re-uploaded them here for continued use! Preview images are shown in the spoilers--resources are attached to this post in zip folders. Links shown in the preview images are included in...
  7. Archeia

    Announcement Merry ReStaff December 2021

    Festive tidings, and Happy New Year! Pick up some sweet RPG Maker treats! Happy holidays, and a wonderful New Year to all! Thank you as always for your gracious support. At the end of this eventful year, our ReStaffers have pulled together once again to provide some incredible resources...
  8. xiamumomo

    Ponds and rivers without water---tilesets

    I found that no one made tiles about the drought of ponds and rivers, so I did these four in the afternoon. Maybe my later project needs other tiles of this kind, and I will continue to make them and add them to this link,I am not good at painting. You can give me suggestions and opinions to...
  9. RPGMMZ - MV Trinity Resource Pack Passibility

    Hey all, Not sure if this is the right section of the forums (I really hope it is) but I wanted to ask if anyone had a MZ project that uses all the tilesets from the MV Trinity Resource Pack with all the passibility rules set up already. I've been at it for literal hours and I still can't get...
  10. taarna23

    Taarna's VX Ace Upscales! (For RMMZ and RMMV)

    XP upscaling has been an enormous headache due to the differences in tileset styles, so this is my way of taking a break! These tiles were significantly easier to piece together, as no real editing beyond the upscale process had to take place. All tiles were split up individually, or in small...
  11. Wecoc

    An issue with the shadows in the MZ RTP (and how to fix it)

    I noticed something odd involving the RTP graphics in RPG maker MZ. In MV, the shadows are pure black and have a transparency of around 50%. Even if the shadow itself is smooth, the color is always pure black (0, 0, 0) which makes it easy to pick, and then remove it or change its color, etc...
  12. EpicFILE

    Is it possible / allowed to use tilesets bought on Steam for contest version of MZ?

    Is it possible / allowed to use tilesets bought on Steam for contest version of RPG Maker MZ? Is it only limited for Steam version of RPG Makers?
  13. ovate

    otofumura's modern tiles and objects

    Few tilesets and objects for the modern theme. Suitable for Japanese-style room, variations of bottle/ flasks, moisture-proof cabinet, and a wine cellar. Includes- Kettle / teacups Water tank Audio equipment (stereo) Electrical outlet Robot vacuum cleaner Viewfinder camera Films Altar /...
  14. Juanita Star

    Looking for these tiles

    Hi there! I have this image saved. Cut a little because is from a map and dont remember from where I got it. I was wondering if someone knows from where are the mushroom houses and that shiny thing on the side. I keep googling, but nothing comes out.
  15. Rinober

    Futuristic Vehicles - Showcase

    Hey all, another graphic pack for my drawn style has been released: Futuristic Vehicles is now available. Find it on the RPG Maker store or Steam! I'm creating this thread to give you some impressions on what you can actually do with the graphics. This pack adds some stylish futuristic and...
  16. Keddy

    bloody tilesets

    Hey everyone, im kinda new here. I'll make this short. if anyone has any gory slaughter house kind of tilests or is willing to recommend something similar, id be very much appreative. Anything with animals\bloody items would be good! thanks!
  17. Bludiamonds

    New to RPG Maker: adding more items to tilesets

    Hi all, brand new to RPG Maker MZ (my significant other has used previous version 6 years ago, probably MV) and I'm looking to help him return to his gaming project. He is looking to do extensive customization on his maps and I've helped him gather some amazing tilesets and objects (shout out to...
  18. I am looking for a creepy/nightmare tileset(free).

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MZ Art Style: Cartoony Description: I have really liked Omori's art style. I don't want it exactly the same. I want the creepiness of it to be recreated. I want a dark forest. Something disturbing, not necessarily gory. Thanks to Andar for the reply. If...
  19. Darqqe

    How do I use tilesets / change

  20. Need help with a certain area of my map.

    So I've been trying to make a series of maps as combat zones, I'm trying to also make trenches the player can explore or run though but I've come across a problem where these two tiles seem to be impassable no matter what, I've tried the basic dirt and other tiles, above events and messed with...

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