time attack

  1. JacobM

    RMMV Last Boy on Earth (IGMC2017)

    Prologue Fifty years ago there was a great war. Both sides were equally matched in weaponry and might. That's when the alchemists arrived. With their dark magic, they created terrible beasts that quickly became uncontrollable. They indiscriminately attacked anything and everything and soon both...
  2. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser! - A Seasonal Game for Thanksgiving!

    Turkey Chaser! A Seasonal Game for Thanksgiving   Abstract: A quick, short, time-attack game. Genre: Arcade, fantasy, puzzle Average Game Time: 10 - 30 minutes ____________________ Setting: Tersho, a boy summoned by the spirit of Thanksgiving, is assigned the task to save thanksgiving...

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For anyone who has uploaded a game to Steam and wonders if they actually check your game's build when you first upload it, I can personally vouch for Steam.
6 more towns to make in my game. SIX. not done with interiors yet but SIX EXTERIORS.
what to do when you come across a person that has stated "What if I say, f*** their EULA? I could probably get away with it." concerning asset packs sold here... on this site ...

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