time based events

  1. kanyatanishande

    RMMV Read system time in-game

    Hiya. Yep, another post. All I want to do is give my game the ability to read the computer's time. I know there's already an existing plugin for that, but it costs money, and I don't have the money to purchase it. I'm just some random teenager that makes YouTube content for no reason, and chats...
  2. DK

    Game Time - Time system

    Title: Game Time Version: 2.5.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Time system. Want to create a merchant that only appears on weekdays during certain hours? Easily! Want to create holidays in the game? Easily! Looking to create a time-based building system? Easily! Compatibility: RPG Maker MV...
  3. Fangzarie

    Issues With Timers

    So I've been trying to get into working with timers recently but I can't seem to get them to work. I either have one or two problems. Either the timers do not start or show up at all or the timer does not stop despite whatever conditional branch I have used. I have once tried setting up an event...
  4. ChizWhiz12

    Timed Input Number Window

    Good day to all! I am currently working on a game for a school project. A primary mechanic I want in the game is a sort of quiz system in battles that only allow you to attack if you get the correct answer which will be entered using "Input Number". Everything is up and running, however, I would...
  5. Zolakandhoney

    Help with Moghunter's TimeSystem Plug-in

    Hello, I am using Moghunter's time system. And I’m having a bit of an issue with using it in my eventing. I want to be able to make events occur based on the time, day, year, etc. But I don’t know what to do in order to make it understand what I want from it. I can do eventing based on switches...

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