time cycle

  1. Physique

    RMMV time plugin help

    Heya, I am in need of a time system like LTN has, unfortunately, I am running into an issue though and the developer doesn't respond, so if there is any other script similar please let me know... The issue I am having is with using LTN Core & time plugin and I am trying to use the timer command...
  2. Mercedes90

    RMMV Question about using the Plugin Command from the LNM_GameTime Plugin.

    I'm using the LNM_GameTime Plugin and I've tried to set a Switch with a time limit for a door (leading to a nightclub map) to be enabled/open between 21:00 to 6:30. I've read the example in the Plugin description but did not quite understand how to do it exactly: "Time LIMIT time_begin time_end...
  3. Passage of time idea.

    Not that great with rpgm yet but im trying to implement a passage of time idea, without a script. by just using variables. I plan to have a 60 minute, 24 hour, 30 day, 12 month, a year system. Using variables i allready got the gist of how to do it. Wondering if its efficient and there is a...
  4. OcRam

    OcRam - Time System plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin will give you easy to configure time system to your RPG Maker MV projects! Plugin has also more advanced features to make your game look EXACTLY as you want it. You do not need any parallel events to maintain time system. And imagine that you got tileset that responds...
  5. NightHerald

    Help with Day/night Cycle

    Please help  :( I'm making a night/day cycle with pictures for extra lighting and I'm having trouble getting the pictures to show up right away after you exit a house. I figured the problem was because if you go out between the numbers I set for the day periods (1 hour = day, 6 hours =...

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