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  1. Tier in ******* & Itch Package

    I've checked ******* tier, and I find some wording a bit vague to my understanding 1$ gives you Access all regular patron releases- -- including the entire archive 5$ gives you New expansion packs as I release them! 10$ gives you Alpha/Beta access Access to all new releases as I release them...
  2. Gabbypie64

    Time fantasy bathroom stuff

    I need a toilet and a tub in the Time Fantasy style I have the Future Fantasy and the lack of bathroom stuff bothers me thanks in advance
  3. Des

    TF Mapping Tutorial: Cliff Walls

    Before we get started, I also want to make a special note. IMPORTANT: Gameplay and level design comes first. This tutorial doesn't cover level design-- I'm only talking about maximizing the tileset to make good-looking areas. Prioritize player readability and navigation over visual interest. If...
  4. Kristina

    Problem with Tiles

    I'm not sure how they work? Like, I thought I could use it to make the background black. Can someone explain me their function? I use RPG Maker MV
  5. Time Fantasy Parallax

    I'm sorry that i'm creating so many topics about this DLC. But, i wanted a parallax of that mountains in Time Fantasy Style. And please, don't tell me that alredy comes with the DLC...
  6. Font?

    Ok, i bought Time Fantasy DLC. I'm with very much problems with this DLC, mainly with the font. I just downloaded all pixeladed fonts of Dafont.com and none of them fit. Someone have a font that fit with this DLC? Pixeladed For VX Ace.
  7. Windowskin

    Hello. I just bought the tiles Time Fantasy and i love it. But, i'm in two days searching for a windowskin that fit in with it, i failded. So, anyone for the love of every god, please, know a windowskin that fit with this tiles? Please, please... (VX ACE)
  8. JtheDuelist

    Non-DLC Time Fantasy Modern tiles?

    Does anyone know if there are any tiles for modern day/scifi setting in the Time Fantasy style that isn't the Future Fantasy pack from the store or Steam (even on Steam Summer sale, that pack is too rich for my blood right now)? All Google has lead me to for the last few days was the Steam...
  9. Raggly-Sinfeed

    Time Fantasy for MV: Future Fantasy tile size help?

    I feel like this information must exist somewhere but for the life of me my Google skills haven't been able to find it. I am very new to RPGMaker MV, just bought it yesterday and have been watching YouTube tutorials. Because I'm interested in making a futuristic thing, I also bought the Future...
  10. ZwenZockt

    RMMV (Mystic) Tales of Mana - Action RPG

    Hi. I wanted to introduce you to my project (Mystic) Tales of Mana, a 90s action-style RPG. For this I use the graphics set of Time Fantasy and Moghunters Plugin: Chrono Engine. Currently, the game content is still in German, but a translation into English follows. Have a look on Facebook or...
  11. Help Converting "TIME FANTASY ADD-ON: ANIMALS" for MV

    Hello, So I purchased this add on in hopes of making my game more entertaining, but I failed to see the "Optimized for" section that did not include the MV version. So when I create the animals in the game, the MV resizing magnifies the rabbits to the size of cows. Plus, they're horribly...
  12. Time Fantasy Lamp posts and Wells

    Hello guys, I don't know if you can help me. I have recently bought from Steam all Time Fantasy resources for MV. I also got all the freebies from the creator but I am unable to find anywhere the wells and lamp posts. Below are some pictures from youtube with what I'm missing. How can I get...
  13. Yougotsomechocolate

    An Time Fantasy-like Window that looks like a book (MV)

    Resource Type: Window (Interface) Maker Format: RPGMaker MV Art Style: Time Fantasy Well, I notice that there are not many windows that would fit Time Fantasy very well, something similar to a book but fitting the theme of Time Fantasy. (or at-least 16-bit) I found a background for VX...
  14. CluelessCat

    Log walls/fences pls(got em thx!)

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Something at least similar to the Time Fantasy Pack Looking for some log walls/fences that can go in all directions. Need ones that have spikes at the top. Think like those wooden stake fences.
  15. Starmage

    RMMV A Maiden's Ballad

    Features: - 3 hours of gameplay - Beautiful Time Fantasy graphics - Fun and engaging atb battles - Colorful and sweet cast of characters - Immersive dungeon atmospheres and music Credits: Graphics: Jason Perry whtdragon hian Moghunter Pentagon Buddy Cooltext.com DEGICA Enterbrain, Inc...
  16. jamespizz

    I need some help on animating my on map sprites

    While making my game's intro I wanted to have the characters animated, I have the sprites already fleshed out looking up, shaking head side to side and laughing. (I'm using Time Fantasy pack from finalbossblues) For reference, I have the player character look up at the sky after the camera pans...
  17. Banquos Tiles'n'Sprites

    Hello there! I made some pixel-art resources that I don't plan on using anytime soon, but perhaps you would like to use them for an awesome project! Time Fantasy Sprites: Time Fantasy Tiles: POP! 8-Directional Sprites:
  18. Altrana

    This Is Either a Bug or I'm Just Stupid

    So, I bought the Time Fantasy pack for RM MV and put the tiles in the designated folders. (The files used from mv-time-fantasy.zip). I'll include pictures of the file placements below. After I finished doing a tiny bit of transporting my old landscaping into the pack, I decided to test it out...
  19. Time Fantasy DLC Steam ver.

    hi, is the DLC from Steam (VXAce) also updated with MV compability? I know that product from this web has MV optimized, but how about the Steam ver. ? I have problem to purchase the DLC , and steam is my best bet thank you in advance
  20. Sir Swishy

    Some State Icons

    I went ahead and made some Time Fantasy versions of the MV state icons. I'll probably make some more icons soon, and go back to touch these up some more (I'm really only happy with about half of them), but I figured they might be of use to some people, so here they are.

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