time limit

  1. Mercedes90

    RMMV Question about using the Plugin Command from the LNM_GameTime Plugin.

    I'm using the LNM_GameTime Plugin and I've tried to set a Switch with a time limit for a door (leading to a nightclub map) to be enabled/open between 21:00 to 6:30. I've read the example in the Plugin description but did not quite understand how to do it exactly: "Time LIMIT time_begin time_end...
  2. 'Time Limit' Roaming

    Hello guys! I've been using VX Ace for three days straight now and I'm loving this program :] Along the way, I've faced some troubles here and there but was able to find alternative solutions to them...however, it's this one specific cutscene that I reeaallyy want to execute: So I wanted my...
  3. Are these things possible?

    Hi there, My idea revolves around a prequel section that has a constant time-limit enforced on it, with the notion being that how you spend that time - levelling either A or B - affects how the game will be for you after the time-limit, which is counting down to a boss fight in which the amount...

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After the initial success with one event, I set up four different events on the same map to detect who is in which slot in my current party, and fortunately it managed to work as intended, with the events changing image to match the party members even as I swapped their positions around in formation. This will be a great tool for immersive scene design.
Finally finished the first hand-drawn map! It took me a week, but I'm so proud!
Actual line of code I just had to write for a plugin:

return Object.keys(this._shopStock).map(key => key.split(",")).map(element => element.map(value => Number(value))).filter(key => key[0] === mapId && key[1] === eventId);

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