time management

  1. Kupotepo

    Progress Measurement, Disaster, Hot Potato, and Downfall

    Hello, lovely people around here. :kaothx: Specification: How do you measure the progress of your project? If your game is commercial then, timing is important for your release strategy. If your game is non-commercial then, timing or any unit of measurement is just using to learn more about...
  2. Dinsmoor

    Dynamic Face Generation

    Description of the Feature: Allow for facial features such as mouth, eyes, eyebrows to be modified on-the-fly as a base template. Code for Implementation: I don't know js very well. var edited_character = characterEditor.loadJSON(my_fs_gui_widget_selection_handler); // make edits var...
  3. katsuroikesugi

    FREE Jinrui O Sukutta Ki (The Tree That Saved Humanity)

    The roots, the branches, the flowers, the leaves. Katsuro is a student of Ryuuketsu High. She's starting her sophomore year. Ame is a rebellious student that quite enjoys music. Haru is a third-year that takes care of all plants in Ryuuketsu. Takako is a transfer student that's quite...
  4. Stanley

    What have you sacrificed in order to chase your dream and do your hobbies

    I want to know. Because I'm torn apart of chasing my dream, doing my hobbies, or not, cus I most prolly soon will get a new full time job, and that job would only spare an hour and two at most to do my hobbies, chasing my dreams. Let me see through your perspectives. Does it matter to me, does...
  5. BubbleMatrix82

    Notepad or Tickbox-List Sidebar (Developer Notes)

    Description of the Feature: Type yourself a note (or your team) to keep on the right side of the editor to remind you what you were doing or what's the "to do list" for that session. First time opened projects could use this space to remind designers/developers/casuals to do the basics (Change...
  6. Metatron14

    On The Path

    Hello ! Disclaimer ! Religion`s theme ! RPG Maker MV . On The Path - is an RPG with elements of camp development and a philosophical implication, your main enemy is Time Limit. This game based on ancient russian fairy tales and taoism of Lao Tzu , it takes place in a world where women and men...

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I have big news. I just got hired at a Mexican restaurant! They're like Chipotle but a bit different... and my job will be taking orders some days, delivering food other days, and of course, making customers happy. My orientation is on Tuesday. Once I start, I might disappear from here sometimes, but I'll always try to come back!
Batch converting .mp3 to .ogg files is making my computer soooo slow!
When you spend hours working on an optional segment that players will only be in for 2 minutes in a single playthrough. That's the life right there.
I had a kernel panic crash on my current computer for the first time after trying out the latest update on a videogame. I think I'm going to wait until the next update before trying it again. This brought back memories of my old computer and laptop in their final days.
My mind is now broken. I just spent over an hour on this stupid issue.
Trying to get a skill to show text depending on enemy ID to show passives.
Well. I tried to call one passive 'Spirit's Way'. See a problem? No? Neither did I until now!
The apostrophe in "Spirit's" ended the text eval... no wonder I kept getting unexpected input errors...I think I'm gonna cry.

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