time system

  1. SpyroFan67

    RMMV Day And Night Real Time Plugin? (Solved)

    Hi guys. Just so you know, I won't be posting any new discussion threads until October....I'll just be giving comments and feedback on other people's posts and helping them if they need it for a while-but occasionally I will ask for help on stuff with my games. Alright, now that that's out of...
  2. Adding day counter to current clock?

    Hi guys, so right now I have a military hour clock going on my game. It’s set up as shown below. I was wondering what type of variables or set up I could use to make it so when it finishes a full AM-PM round, it’ll display a number of days. I have the images needed to put days 0-9 next to it. I...
  3. HoorEnglish

    RMMZ Time System Help

    Hello! For my game, I'm having a time system that progresses through four phases (Morning, Day, Afternoon, Night) before progressing into a new day. I would also like the screen to tint based off of what time of day it is. The Plugin that I currently have is the DK Time System plugin along with...
  4. Dolorre

    RMMZ OcRam Time System - Clock Elements are not Showing

    I just purchased OcRam's Time System for MZ, and noticed that the Clock elements under Show clock on map do not, in fact, show up on the map. The time shows up, but the Clock elements do not. I'm trying to get the month, day, and year to show up under the clock. Here's a picture of one of the...
  5. Can't find the old Living Town tutorial

    I've been trying to find an old tutorial for making a town with a day/night cycle, but it's gone. Where do I find the old tutorials for VX Ace?
  6. DK

    Game Time - Time system

    Title: Game Time Version: 2.8.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Time system. Want to create a merchant that only appears on weekdays during certain hours? Easily! Want to create holidays in the game? Easily! Looking to create a time-based building system? Easily! Compatibility: RPG Maker MV...
  7. Black Pagan

    Help improve my Time System

    Hello, I was looking to improve my Event-ing of a Time System. Currently, What i have done is this : - Divide a day into 5 Time Scales - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, Twilight, I will refer to these as "Time Periods" from now on - Assign Visual Indicators for each of these Time Periods...
  8. OcRam

    RMMZ Might of Darkness

    Might of Darkness, Road to ruin Synopsis Our journey takes a place in a world which is about to start industrial revolution and at the same time magic forces are getting weaker and weaker. Technopolis is the capital of industrialized republic of Tenebria. There are some people in the world...
  9. Zerothedarklord

    FREE REQUEST Seeking Idea Bouncers, Story Writer and Battle Animation Crafter

    Legacy of Eathetoria (Pronounced "E-Thuh-Tor-E-Yuh") TO ANY AND ALL WHO DECIDE TO OFFER/INQUIRE, PLEASE HAVE, AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH USING DISCORD (voice never required, but highly encouraged due to screen share being convenient). MY DISCORD TAG IS Zerothedarklord#8459 POSITIONS DESIRED...
  10. mars714

    Time based Event with Image change (not responsive)

    Hello! I'm trying to make a spawnable event that changes its appearance over time. You know, a like the character plants a seed and it grows into a tree or plant. I have Yanfly event spawning and have been able to spawn the event tiles under desired conditions, However I've yet to make the event...
  11. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    Introduction This extension is nothing huge, actually. I just needed this function for a project I'm working on. Description A very very small extension to show the player what chapter they're playing and what part of the day it is at the moment. Download Google Drive Installation Check the...
  12. Parallax Panda

    Moghunters Time System without calender?

    Hey everyone, I'm using Moghunter's "Time System" plugin which you can find here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-time-system/ I'm very pleased with it except it has too many features. I'm actually only interested in the time of day and the day of the week and like to omit "seasons"...
  13. Zolakandhoney

    Help with Moghunter's TimeSystem Plug-in

    Hello, I am using Moghunter's time system. And I’m having a bit of an issue with using it in my eventing. I want to be able to make events occur based on the time, day, year, etc. But I don’t know what to do in order to make it understand what I want from it. I can do eventing based on switches...
  14. Screen tint based on variable not working?

    I'm attempting to get a day and night cycle working and I'm having trouble with the screen tints. I'm using a parallel common event and 3 variables, minutes, hours and days. Every 60 frames adds 1 to minutes, at 60 minutes it adds 1 to hours and subtracts 60 from minutes. At 24 hours, it adds 1...
  15. DMIgames

    MOG Time System + Map Title Issue

    *CONSOLE SHOT BELOW* So I am using Mog's time system and SumRndmDde title map background plugins, everything works fine with the time system on a regular map but if i try the title screen i get an error like this: Of course I added the tags to disable the time system from functioning on...
  16. acirnep

    Step-based time system - that doesn't work

    The idea at the base of the game I'm working on is that there are a large number of events going on, and there is limited time available, so the player needs to choose which events they want to attend. So I need a time system. However, for a variety of reasons, I do not want to use a time system...
  17. Moghunter's Time System Specific Hour Events

    Hello I am currently using Moghunter's Time System and would like to create events happen at specific times. I know there are switches ID for dawn, sunset, night, etc. And i've made events for shops to open and close using those switches. But I want to make some events happen at specific time of...
  18. NPCs moving in different maps

    Hello! I wanted to make a Dating Sim kind of game where you play as a young teen, which moved to a new town blablabla. It should be inspired mostly by Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley (without farming) but I have a problem: Is there any possible way to make a NPC move around on a (not TO...
  19. Action Point Based Time System

    I have made an action point based time system using events. The day is split into time periods; morning, day, evening, and nigh t(Or whatever your game uses). The player is given a certain amount of action points for each period and once they reach zero the next period begins or the next day...
  20. katwolf77

    How do I make my character sleep?

    i have a time system and i want my character to sleep, but when they sleep i want time to pass. Not sure how to do it but if anyone could help i'd be ever so happy. (i used the system driftwood gaming and SumRndmDde used not sure if it makes much of a difference though) 

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