1. Serranogun

    How to change my title screen sections?

    Hi, i started working on my RPG MAKER game and i stuck on some ideas (i could not make it with software) i really need to know how can i do it. I want to change and add other sections such as New Game  Online About Shutdown etc. how can i do that? Thank you very much, i...
  2. Serranogun

    Main things for my game! (need those)

    Hi, i started working on my RPG MAKER game and i stuck on some ideas (i could not make it with software) i really need to know how can i do it. #1 - I want to put time in my game just one TIME in all maps. TIME should run and every 5 minutes i need to charge gold from actor. (player) how can...
  3. DK

    [Add-on] DK Game Time. Switches

    Title: Game Time. Switches Version: 1.3 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Supported languages: Russian, English Description: Allows to control the switches depending on game time Requirement for plugin Availability of working plugin DKCore version 1.81 or above Availability of...
  4. DK

    DK Game Time

    Title: Game Time Version: 1.61 Author: DK Site: DK Plugins Supported languages: Russian, English Description: System of time, Day/Night Requirement for plugin Availability of working plugin DKCore version 1.81 or above Features: Window of time in game, menu, battle...
  5. Indsh

    "Real Time" Stratagy

    As a lover of Action Battle System's I really want to achieve the level of strategy that you feel with classic turn-based RPG's. I feel that "Tales of Symphonia" and "Kingdom Hearts" have been some of the best at achieving this. Do people have ideas on how you can recreate some of these...
  6. GoodSelf

    Time Fantasy Resource Pack

    Hello all! I'm very interested in picking up the Time Fantasy Resource pack found here, but I wanted to ask on the forums to see if anyone else has used this pack. If you have, I have a couple of questions for you! 1. How easy would you say it is to use this pack? 2. Is it diverse enough...
  7. KayZaman

    How do you manage your time/schedule for game-making?

    Time is ticking and sometimes we're busy for work, school, sleep, anything we wanna do but sometimes for developers or game-makers also have time to create, modify, maintenance, inspect and finish the game within the dateline. I have a job but not as a game developer. Game-making is my hobby...
  8. Quite.Toxick

    Eventing Question: Turn Switch OFF/ON after a certain time in game?

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding eventing in MV. Is it possible to have a (self) switch turn on/off after a certain time has passed in game? The player should be able to leave a map, but as long as they are in game, the timer still ticks down.  This requirement rules out...
  9. ICF-Soft

    ICF-Soft Time Utility

    ICF-Soft Time Utility - Version 1.00 by ICF-Soft Introduction This plugin stores date and time in game variables for diverse pourposes. Note: This is an initial working version. To get latest version with all it's functionalities go to blog post or my plugin list. Features Check how much...
  10. Linard


    Hello guys, Anyone who can help me to change the interval of the Minutes in MOG Hunter Time System plugin? And why hour is changing in 0 when its 12:00 am?  :( Thank you so much :)
  11. Silenity

    MOG Time System Bug

    Hello. I'm using MOG's Time System plugin which can be found here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-time-system/ I have a 28 day month and 13 month calendar which is the international fixed calendar. Info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar At the...
  12. Underserial

    Flash Light with Battery Timer

    Hello Guys, i need your help. I want to create an script for which you need batterys to keep your flashlight alive. There are 3 bars and every minute 1 bar is going down and if you have 0 bars left - the flashlight would not work. I already have an script that you get the flashlight...
  13. SEK


    SEK_BattleTime&Rank - v 1.1 By SEK Introduction Get a fast victory and gain different amounts of exp and gold! Features You can set different multipliers for exp and gold based on battle time. You can change multipliers, rank names and time with Plugin Commands. End Battle Message...
  14. PhoenixX92

    Rural Farm Time System When Leaving A House

    So, I had posted here a few months ago about trying to get Khas's Lighting to work with Celianna's Rural Farm time system so I could have a flickering lantern and have different shadows at certain times of the day(I got it to work, btw) but I seem to have encountered a problem with it. I...
  15. Black Rose (Subject to Change)

    Black Rose is designed mainly to be a mobile game on the android, however there are exports for PC and browser based. It is a time-killer rogue-like dungeon game where your goal is to see how far you can get, what you can unlock, what you can achieve before dying. You are able to purchase...
  16. CharismaticGamer

    Real time zombies/shooting

    Hey Guys, So i'm trying to create a zombie survival game where the game has a real time shooting system. I have the tiles for the zombies (I believe) but the problem is i don't know how to have shooting in real time. I don't know if i'm saying it right but basically I want to have a shooting...
  17. Mr. Trivel

    Skill Time Reaction

    Name: Skill Time Reaction Version: 1.2 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-26   What does it do? This plugin gives user a moment to press confirm button. Pressing Confirm when button appears, gives user state which lasts until end of action.  Button timer can be set up...
  18. nio kasgami

    Emoji Engine V2 - 'Timer Fix'

    Emoji Engine V2 : "Timer Fix" Author : Nio Kasgami V.1.00 require : NA Introduction :  the game timer is fun to use for make stressful timed run ...or some cool timed race..ectAlthough what's happen if they speak? you may not want to bother your player who are not all fast...
  19. Geek Burrito

    Make only one party member fight at a time

    Hi everyone! I'm new to RPG Maker and the community in general. I've been dreaming of making a game that everyone can enjoy, and I want to spend the next couple years of my life working on it. But first I need a bit of help.  The battle system for this game is similar to pokemon at it's most...
  20. Naveed

    YEP ATB Turn Time

    I'm using Yanfly's ATB plugin for my game and I'm running into a problem. My states and buffs have a turn time and since its an ATB battle system, they are obviously now tick-based. However, the buffs and states are ending too quickly. With an attack buff of 5 turns, for example, I can barely...

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