1. Rinobi

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System [Alpha]

    Ultimate Day/Night & Weather System By: Rinobi Version History 0.7 Alpha Release [12/24/2015] Introduction This script adds a totally customization calendar system complete with day/night cycles, seasonal weather patterns and tilesets. The goal is to give the developer complete control over...
  2. Comedy vs. Realism: The delicate balance of medieval fantasy

    I loved A Knight's Tale, just going to say that now. I found the references to modern times hilarious and well-done, but could respect the aspects of the films that were accurate (I'm a history geek).  My question is: which is better, realism or comedy? A Knight's Tale did fairly well balancing...
  3. In game time plugins?

    Is there any plugin for time, like the time of day changes in-game after a certain amount of time. Morning Noon Night, It changes the screen tint or what ever. I'm looking for something to make it seem more realistic.
  4. Tsukihime

    Timer Pause

    Do you need your timer to temporarily stop counting down, but you still want it to show up on the screen? This plugin provides you with two script calls that will allow you to easily pause and resume the game timer!   More information and downloads are available at HimeWorks
  5. Nik0405

    Nik0405's Events | ***NEWEST: Day/Night/Weather-Event V1.5.0***

    Nik0405's Events by Nik0405 This is an collection of all my Events/Tutorials for the "RPG Maker MV". Please report bugs or things that could be improved, ask me for other Events/Tutorials I should do and feel free to ask if you don't understand something. Also feedback is very...
  6. ∊η∊ηra

    Selchar's Clock/Calendar HUD

    So, in my game, I have a needs system implemented. I have all the common events set up for the different need's decay. Some will outright cause a game over but I wanted that when sleep is depleted, you literally pass out, fade to a black screen for a few seconds, and then you wake up in the same...
  7. DrakeLovesNekos

    Help with variables - Time related events and timed variables

    The other day, I was searching for a day, night, clock, and calendar system without using scripts. Thanks to the power of the internet, I found what I was looking for. To simply put it, I just basically set variables as seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. But what I want to do is have "timed"...
  8. Miss Nile

    [VXAce][Mapping in Return] Alchemy and Timed Buttons Minigame

    Hello everyone, So my most recent project greatly focuses on alchemy and crafting potions, medicines and the like. While there are a lot of alchemy systems out there, both scripted and evented, none of them really seemed interesting to me. ^^; Most just depended on collecting ingredients...
  9. Harvest Moon Style Event Based Time System Tutorial

          This is a tutorial for people who want a easy and flexible non-scripted time system based off of “Harvest Moon” for the Super Nintendo. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make your own time based system using events, resources and my custom eventing methods. Resources and...
  10. SebazWorld

    Time/Day Keeping Script

    Okay, so I'm going to be asking for a really big script here. Before I get started, let me say that you'll get a free copy of my project and credit. I'm making an arcade type game where the play sees how long they can survive in a cave with a monster chasing them. If the monster touches them...
  11. Evan Finkel

    Customized Menu - requesting

    Can I have a menu script with this features? Weather (with icon and text) Time (with text, including AM and PM) Date (e.g 26-Aug-14) Day number (e.g Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) Project non-commercial, thank you. ~Best Regards Justin Zalett
  12. Time Script dependant on Internal Clock Needed

    I could use a time system that is dependant on the internal clock of the computer, not sure if this is possible with ruby alone or if you would need an extra .dll file to input this kind of functionality. A good example of what I'm looking for is a time script that works like Pokemon Crystal's...
  13. Earthtian

    ---When did you use your first computer?---

    When was the first time you laid your hands on the keyboard, put your hand on the mouse and used a computer? just figured I would ask that question! The first time I used one was at the age of 5 and Windows XP was not even a year old :guffaw:  .  I played pokemon sapphire with an emulator and...
  14. Amplifaè

    Project processing takes forever

    Hi, Okay, erm, I got myself thr RPG Maker VX Ace Programm a few weeks ago from that steam sale. I have been reading tutorials, trying out stuff, making my own first game. But after a while I noticed that certain options take forever to finish. I speak of options like: "New project", "Open...
  15. autophagy

    Get, compare, and store System Time

    Hello! Today, out of necessity, I had to try my hand at creating my very first Ruby script. It's only small, but I thought that some people who have no scripting knowledge might find it useful. I am pretty sure that it is bug free, since it's difficult to put many bugs into so few lines. I...
  16. whitesphere

    FlexTimer - Calendar Event Management

    FlexTimer Calendar Event Processing + v1.0 Script by whitesphere   Introduction This script creates an in game calendar which creates a Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing style calendar. It also triggers common events and sets switches, so you need minimal scripting to create very complex...
  17. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    Ways to Make Day/Night Systems Useful

    Often many RPGs just tack on the Day/Night system like nobody's business and expect it to work for their game. It seems that all they want is a sense of "realism" in the game, as it turns to day and night automatically, and they expect the player to be like, "Cool! Now it's slightly more tinted...
  18. Creating an Event That Resets Based on Time

    Okay, I'm trying to make a couple of events that happen an infinite amount of time, but have a "Cool Down" period if you will. For example: There is a maid that will cook you a meal that will restore MP for your party. However, she can only cook one meal every half hour. I know I'll need a...
  19. Archeus

    Night Time

    I know how to use the "Tint Screen" event, but how to you make it happen after a specific time? I mean, let's say it's daytime... And after a specific time (maybe 1 minute or something) there is a sunset, and after that a night and after that it goes back to the daytime again. And it continues...
  20. Drain over Time

                 Hey I'm new to Rpg Maker VX Ace and this is probably a noob question but its had me stumped. Im trying to create a skill/state that has a drain over time effect. For example: 5% drain at the end of every turn. I am currently trying to use Yanfly's Lunatic damage script but i am...

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