1. kerbonklin

    Games that don't allow pausing

    Usually in RPG games that are action-based (like ABS systems), there's no pausing, and things still happen while in your menus. It's usually meant for immersion  purposes, and to make it more action-y. They usually also provide safe-spots throughout the levels, or enemies that don't re-spawn to...
  2. Gump

    Gumps System Time Reactions Script

    Script: Gumps System Time Reactions Script Version: 1.0.0 Author: Gump Description: This script provides a method of enabling a switch or setting a variables value at specific system times. The "system time" is the time on the computer that a player is playing your game on. So based on their...
  3. Lisarda

    Help with Timesystem

    Hello everybody :D I have created a timesystem so I could costumize schedules for NPCs. I've even made a clock (hours only :/ ) and a calendar. My problem is that the timesystem gets stuck at sunday. Until then everything works fine but once it hits sunday it just stays sunday. Could...
  4. Gump

    Gump::Core Script [Version 1.07]

    Script: Gump::Core Script Version: 1.07 / 1.02 (core/time) Author: Matt 'Gump' Sully Description: This is my core script which will be required for some of my script releases. It has some basic built in functions and methods including resolution change support, audio controls, a color...
  5. How to make a Larger Sprite?

    Hello. And so, as the title says, how do I make larger sprite? Please give me detailed description, please. And thanks for your time. One more question: Am I posting in the right section? Very sorry if not.

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