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    TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Timed Button Attacks v1.2.0 TamFey Introduction: This plugin adds a minigame similar to Dance Dance Revolution or Stepmania to the combat system. It changes the way skills and items work in combat. Instead of just starting an animation and an effect, skill/items will start a...

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bandicam 2023-05-29 22-28-54-159.png
When will I be able to play my own game? There is a lot of work, but I am working hard towards the goal
Add Monser2.png!!

Happy Memorial Day to those on here like me who live in the United States. :)
Alright got a video of a review of a fake PS5 here. I've decided I'm only going to do maybe 10 videos about bootleg consoles, and then I think I'm going to move on, and post YouTube videos of old video game TV advertisements for franchises like Mario and Sonic and Spyro and all that for a little nostalgia. :cool:

Two solid days and I still have four slots left in my custom A2 tilesheet I am drawing.

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