1. Black Pagan

    Finding a way to delay Item consumption and Item Un-Equip (MV)

    I'm looking for a way to event this - Extend the duration by a few seconds, When the Player consumes an Item or Un-equips a piece of Gear (Outside of Battle). The Final Effect would take place after "x" secs have passed since Action. How can I achieve this ? I am assuming I can do this with...
  2. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Fomar0153's ATB Needs To Be Fixed (State Problem)

    I don't know if this user is active anymore but his or her script has a big issue when it comes to states. So lemme explain, this script acts as a basic ATB bar akin to "RPG Maker 2003's Battle System" I'm using this along with Yanfly's Core Battle System Base and Galv's Timed Button Attacks...
  3. ReeledTiedBTH

    Event Chase Then Breaking Free When Caught While Timed

    Sorry for the bad title but I couldn't figure out how to make it easier to say lol. Anyway Is there a way or a plugin that when an event or a person chases you and catches you, you have to break free under a certain time. And if he catches you again you get a game over. I hope I broke that down...
  4. Using Volume Distance Script/Parallel Proces only once every x seconds

    So I ran into a problem not too long ago, and I've looked around on the web but didn't see any solution to my problem (I think). I made a map recently with a waterfall, and I'd like to have the waterfall play a waterfall sound, but I only want it to be hearable when you're close to the...
  5. Hagal_

    Timed Buffs and Debuffs

    I have one mayor thought that I cannot find the answer to. If I want the player to get Buffs bound by time rather than turns, how would that be done? Lets say the buff is held for 10 minutes, now matter how many or few battles engaged. Could this be done without a plugin or is there a plugin...
  6. Leon Kennedy

    SumRndomDude Timed Attack Formula Question

    Plugin link:  trying to use the timed attack function tas power from sumrandomdude along with my own custom formula  With (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) * ($gameTemp.tas_power) or any very basic formula like this it works however if we go into more complex formulas such as the one i...
  7. HexMozart88

    Check How Much Time Has Passed

    I'm making a timing based action battle system, and I know how to do most of it, but I just need to know if there's a way to check how much time has passed with a variable or a script call. (I would just use Galv's timed button attacks, but I'm using events for my battle system. I cannot figure...
  8. oToToToToTo

    Timed Prevent Common Events on Button Press

    Currently I have it set up for a common event to happen whenever a key/button is pressed. The only problem is that it is spammable. Initially I had set up a variable so that each time it was pressed it would add +5 to the variable (time) and every 5 seconds it would -1 to the variable the button...
  9. ThePotatoOfFire

    Timed Button Press Skills

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows for skills with timed button presses to execute, much like what was requested here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/27765-script-request-timed-button-attacks-w-chaining/ I've tried to replicate this with events/scripts, but my Javascript...
  10. HalcyonDaze

    Timed Hits Side-View Plug-In (Super Mario RPG)

    I remember seeing a timed hits script for Ace, but I never got it working quite right. Is anyone interested in doing something like this for MV?  The most basic example of this feature can be found in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for SNES. Basically, you have to time a button...
  11. Tortured Healer

    Galv's Timed Button Script

    Hello, I have taken an interest in Galv's timed button attacks script and would like to ask a question, if anyone here is familiar with it. It seems to be that all successes are critical hits, or have multiplied damages, and all failures are misses. It there any way I can set it so that it...

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