timer countdown

  1. Pampan_Zero

    The countdown timer doesn't show up

    I'm using a zoom script that makes the game pixels look bigger and when I set a timer it works perfectly fine. But for some reason the countdown timer doesn't show up anywhere on the screen when the zoom is active. The same issue happens when I use Masked's MBS_MapZoom plugin instead of the zoom...
  2. Timer over rooms?

    Every time i change room the timer restart, there is a way that I can still run the same timer over different rooms?
  3. knocz06

    Visual Timer for VN Maker

    Is there any way to show a timer visually? Like a countdown, or a bar that depletes every second? (these are just some examples) So they can see how much time they have left when choosing an answer or something.
  4. TheGeneral50

    Timer Not Stopping?

    Hello everyone, first time posting here, and excited to be utilizing the RPG Maker VX Ace for Game Design study. I'm right now trying to work on a small horror game that wanted to implement a timer system that when it hits 0:00 marker the game is completed. However, when the timer does hit this...
  5. Lord Vectra

    Variable Timer

    Works for Vx, Vx Ace, and MV Today I will be showing how to make a timer without using the built-in timer. What made you think of this? In a series I'm remaking, World of Chaos, on the 3rd game, I needed a timer for when the character transformed to a werewolf. So I evented a timer because...
  6. Storing number of enemies killed in every attack?

    Hi everyone I'd like to know a way to calculate/eval the number of enemies that are killed in one attack, and save it in a variable accordingly (doesn't need to be the first attack, of course). More specifically, this variable would add seconds to a countdown timer. So, by killing more enemies...

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