1. dixonxux

    Timer and choices Help

    Thanks for KURO DCUPU's help, my timer works fine now. However, when I do this, which I enter another room(map) doing choices, I will get stuck when time goes to 0 but when I clicked the option once or twice I got transferred like I meant to. I have a separate set of variables to limit I...
  2. Block party from access if party member(s) are dead.

    I've looked, but I can't seem to find an answer to this: So I want it where the player will be blocked from entering specific places if a party member is dead. They have to revive the party member first before they will be allowed in. It's easy to check if one party member is dead by just...
  3. ShadowDragon

    Multi Persistent Timers (RPG MV)

    I'm Looking for a persistent timer, I got SRD_TimerUpgrade and SRD_NameInputUpgrade and its working fine, but when the Timer go into the scene it freeze the timer while it must continue. Event this whole part takes time and I don't know if it will fuction with alot of variables for all the key...
  4. SuperMasgamer

    Speed Run Timer

    I hope I'm in the right place to post this. I'm looking for a speed runtimer. I've seen a bunch of timers that basically count down. I was wondering if there was a way to start a timer and then have it auto end at a certain time at the end of the game and then have player stats display at the end.
  5. SuperMasgamer

    Speed Run Timer

    I hope I'm in the right place to post this. I'm looking for a speed runtimer. I've seen a bunch of timers that basically count down. I was wondering if there was a way to start a timer and then have it auto end at a certain time at the end of the game and then have player stats display at the end.
  6. Ameer

    Timer mechanic in battle

    My problem is that I am trying to make battle where if you don't defeat enemy in certain time . Then game is over but here is what problem I am encountering first of all timer aborts battle but I used Sumrndmdde timer upgrade for it and now my problem is with eventing I know what I did and it...
  7. Please help a newbie with a timer!

    I'm creating a game for a school project and is a fairly simple one. I want the entire game to end in 2 minutes. I can't seem to get it to work. Whatever I do, 2 things happen: 1. The timer doesn't decrease. 2. The entire map becomes frozen Can someone help me, as I'm on a tight schedule? Thanks...
  8. Porcelain

    Timer Doesn't Run Expire Code on Map

    I have my Game_Timer run the following code on expire: $gameTimer.stop(); SceneManager.goto(Scene_Gameover); This removes the timer and gives the player a Game Over, but it only works in battle. I'm trying to get it to also work on the map screen. I tried running...
  9. Playtime or Timer Variable as Gold?

    So my idea is to let the hero own a shop. Every once in a while he can check in and get an amount of gold depending on how long it has been since he last checked. What would I need to do in order to make this work out? Also I want to start the "timer" for this when he first visits it, not when...
  10. Kes

    Add seconds to the timer

    Normally when the timer is used to set a limit to how long the player has to complete something, it starts at the given length and counts down to zero, at which point the player has run out of time. However, what I would like to be able to do is to provide something which will extend the length...
  11. Need help with variable timer

    So I have a "timer" that's three variables: one is the hour, the second is the minute, and the third is the seconds. Every second I want the third variable to reset to 0 and every 59 seconds the second variable to reset to 0. That way it acts like a timer. But I have three problems: 1. for the...
  12. Cutscene timer

    So I wanted to make 2 timers, one after another. There's supposed to be a message between the two timers signaling that the next timer is going to begin. But then when a player gets into a conversation with an npc, the message doesn't appear, and the second timer doesn't start. How do I fix this?
  13. ChizWhiz12

    Timed Input Number Window

    Good day to all! I am currently working on a game for a school project. A primary mechanic I want in the game is a sort of quiz system in battles that only allow you to attack if you get the correct answer which will be entered using "Input Number". Everything is up and running, however, I would...
  14. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Boss Self-Destruct Timer

    Alright so I want to make a boss in rpg maker vx ace that starts a self destruct timer when it has less than 50% HP. Everything works so far but when the timer hits zero the battle just automatically ends. Here's my event pages.
  15. Marmelada

    Real time in-game tracker

    Hi all, I need a couple of plugins for a project I'm working on, but couldn't find any that do exactly what we need. One thing we need is a way to know at what point in real time the players were in a certain area, because we need to synchronise their position with the data our other machine...
  16. Marmelada

    Player position tracker

    Hi all, I require a couple of plugins or scripts for a project I'm working on, and I couldn't find any that already do exactly what we need. The main plugin we require is a tracker for player position. We would have a small (village) map with max three indoor maps, and wish to have a record of...
  17. Gravemaster

    Battle Time script

    Hey, I'm looking for a relatively easy script with which Google and the forums have been surprisingly unhelpful (either that or wording it properly on the search is really difficult). I want a simple timer at the start of the play's turn in battle. Once the timer runs out, any characters that...
  18. BrandedTales

    Dialog Options vanish over time

    Wanted to poll people smarter than me before I start churning down my own methods. I'm starting in RMMV support because I always look for plugin-free solutions before I go down the plugin road, but if it must be a plugin, we can totally move the thread there. Has anybody implemented a system...
  19. Lord Vectra

    Variable Timer

    Works for Vx, Vx Ace, and MV Today I will be showing how to make a timer without using the built-in timer. What made you think of this? In a series I'm remaking, World of Chaos, on the 3rd game, I needed a timer for when the character transformed to a werewolf. So I evented a timer because...
  20. Storing number of enemies killed in every attack?

    Hi everyone I'd like to know a way to calculate/eval the number of enemies that are killed in one attack, and save it in a variable accordingly (doesn't need to be the first attack, of course). More specifically, this variable would add seconds to a countdown timer. So, by killing more enemies...

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