1. The007who

    Telltale Type Choices

    Hi! So, I've been thinking... ...could any of you guys make a simple script along these lines? You have been given 4 choices and under there's like a bar that will run out between 5 or 8 seconds. If you didn't pick in time it will make a random choice for you. There's normally 4 choices but...
  2. Nerdboy

    Need Help with Timer Decrease/Extend?

    Hi, im trying to decrease or extend Timer, but im not sure how to do this. All I can do is stop timer, or start it. Do you need a plugin to do this? Does anyone know where its located in the core .js? Maybe I can write my own. I've tried storing a variable = Timer, then + or - Timer, but im...
  3. Nerdboy

    Need Help with Timer and Troop Events

    hi, im trying to add personality to each enemy by having it so short random blurps are outputted on message window during combat based on If else timer conditionals. What i'm having trouble with is, that the timer in troop events never goes off for some reason. here's what i got so far, page...
  4. Increase time in the timer

    I'd like to increase time in the timer. For an example, I create a 10 minute countdown timer for using an oil lamp before it goes off. When the player collects lamp oil, the time will increase like 1 minute and the timer continues counting down. What should I do? I have little knowledge in...
  5. Wren

    A problem with a loop event set up for a timer

    Does anyone know why when I set up a loop that works like: loop wait 60 set variable second -1 if second =or< 0 set second = 60 set minute -1 if minute =or< 0 run common event clock out end loop And in my common event I have set up a screen fade out, I change the...
  6. Pagerron

    Using a timer in RPG Creator

    I was trying so hard to get a timer to display on screen and having the hardest time until I tried using timers 2 and 3. Apparently, timer 1 doesn't display on the screen at all while timers 2 and 3 do for some reason. (See below). I'm having trouble trying to come up with an auto-executing...
  7. iTzTerra

    Timer Problem

    I have a another problem with the timer I set the control timer on 20 min and when i play test the game the timer is on 13:40 and next time 10:40 then 7:40 I dont know what the problem is! Do i need a a Anti-Lag Script or something?
  8. Timer Relocate

    I just need something that will relocate the timer to be at the top middle instead of the top right.
  9. Timing of Status Ailments

    I've created the Status Ailment, Homesick, in my game. I'm trying to make it so that after a certain amount of time (or alternatively after a battle if you think that would be easier), these three characters I've got can randomly get it. I'd like to know how to accomplish this.
  10. Cipher001

    Text Vs Timer

    I have almost completed the demo version of a game, but there is one problem. It's reliant on a timer, and dialogue/text seems to override any sort of "Game Over" element. I need to be able to cancel that dialogue mid-sentence so that the "Game Over" can activate. It can't just wait until the...
  11. Vox Novus

    Timed Blizzard Survival with Touch Encounters

    Tutorial: Timed Blizzard Survival with Touch Based Encounters. Tutorial Purpose: To create an event that simulates the player’s party being exposed to extreme weather conditions in a snowy area and the resulting consequences using a touch based encounter system. My Map...
  12. Gilles

    [GDT] Event Timers

    GDT: TimeEvents v1.0   Introduction   This plugin allows you to set timers for an event. After the timer has passed a selfSwitch of this event is changed to ON or OFF (what you need). Plugin Commands * timeevent %timeToPass% %selfSwitchToSetOn% %useGameTime% * * - timeToPass: How much...
  13. Tsukihime

    Timed Choice Selection

    In RPG Maker, you can present players with a set of choices to select. However, by default, they can wait as long as they want to make a selection. Using this plugin, you can automatically force a selection, to create a mechanic where the player has a limited amount of time to make a decision...
  14. SumRndmDde

    Variable Rates (Have Game Variables changed by a certain rate in the background of your game!)

    Variable Rates Version 1.00 by SumRndmDde What This Plugin Does: In the simplest terms possible, it allows you to increase or decrease one or more Variables by a certain value every certain amount of frames. This Plugin groups everything into "Rates". Each Rate has...
  15. NPC's Move While Waiting

    I have some NPC's moving around in my game with autonomous movement, and I don't want them to move around while waiting from the "Wait..." Command in an event. I found a simple script from someone with a similar problem. class Game_Event < Game_Character alias...
  16. Agustin

    Galv Event Spawn Timer Port

    I'm looking for an RMMV port of this script: http://galvs-scripts.com/2013/02/23/respawn-timer/. That's pretty much it. :)
  17. DKP

    Tint Screen Timer

    hello members, i want to ask you all something, how to make duration for tint screen ? so if i turn on the tint screen event, the tint screen has duration until the duration stop and the tint screen turn off again. thank you
  18. Minigame help (map reset, exp recognition)

    I'm trying to make a minigame set, using spinoffs of age-old popular games like hide-and-seek, vine climber, space invaders, and (most importantly for this question) pacman. You start off with only one available minigame, the rest must be unlocked by earning gold in the game. Game 1 is free...
  19. YvetteJene

    Custom Storefront run by PC--Should I display the selling timers?

    I have just finished polishing up the events for a custom storefront. In this storefront, a player can place items on a designated spot and choose to sell that product for profit, much like the game Recettear. Once a product has been placed, a timer starts based on an algorithm involving the...
  20. Naveed

    Pause Timer

    So I was wondering if there was a way to pause the timer using script calls. It would be unfair for the player to have to lose precious seconds of the timer simply because there is a cutscene that is playing in between. I know the option isn't there from the event commands, so I thought if it...

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