1. Timer Issues

    Can I make the Timer INVISIBLE and also, can I make it persistent so that even after the timer is checked, it would continue to countdown until it ran out. That way when player comes back and it's not ready, they'll be told so and move to the shop processing screen, but if they check again and...
  2. Ebonfix

    how to make the timer not show in rpg maker mv

    so I was wondering if you could make the timer not show
  3. Val

    Customizable Timer?

    Hey Guys, I just want to know if someone if working right now on a better timer/countdown script?  This could be a very nice plugings useful for all kind of mecanics if someone want to help me out :)   This was the original post...
  4. xcom

    Timer advace

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a way to advance the timer.  The only current way I can see to do, involves to manually changing it to a certain time.  The problem is, I can't do it that way. Here's the issue: The player rests in game, and it causes the count down timer to automatically...
  5. DGDgamer

    Do not show tiimer on screen (Hidden)

    How do I remove the display for the timer without turning it off? I just don't need the player to see it. I don't see an option to remove it.
  6. UNphiltered_khaos

    Can I do a countdown timer without HUD clock?

    Is it possible to do a countdown timer without the clock showing up on screen? I would like to have something activate and then after a certain time have something activate. A delayed trigger, basically.
  7. LucasRiot

    Timer During The Battle!

    Hello Makers! I'm with a doubt in my project. I'm wanting to put a TIMER during the Battle and at the end would be GAME OVER. But I'm not getting do it for events. Can you help me? Example: The battle against Ifrit - Final Fantasy VIII
  8. Ashtonion

    Why isn't the timer showing up at all...?

    Hello! I'm having a slight problem with my timer on rpg maker. Sorry if this is a simple fix, but I've looked into it and can't tell why this is happening. Anyways, onto the point. The timer in an autorun event on my game will not show up. It is set for one minute, and I have no scripts...
  9. Can you manipulate the timer?

    I had a question about manipulating the timer. I'm currently making a game that has a time limit and certain actions will penalize the player by taking away time from the timer. So for insance, the player has 5 minutes to escape a room. There's a man in the room who will give you a hint to...
  10. Tanarex

    Need help with repeatable timed mini-quest

    I'm trying to make a timed variable quest repeatable. I've got everything to work but the repeatable part. The questgiver gives you the quest and you have 40 seconds to go to each rabbit hole and get a rabbit. Then make it back to the questgiver before time is up. Any help would be appreciated. 
  11. Sixth

    Timer HUD - v1.1 (10/07/2015)

    - Script: - Screenshots: - Materials: In case you want that "bomb" theme, the images are in the attached rar file below. No idea why would anyone use these in a serious project, but they are good for testing still. - Author's Notes: Yesterday my friends and I are...
  12. emha eff

    Customizable Game Timer?

    Hello. I’m not good at English, but I hope you can still understand what I’m going to say here. I’ve been looking for a customizable game timer for some while but didn’t found exactly what I need. There are some that have some features I need (like this one), but I would have to do some heavy...
  13. DouxHC

    Growing Flowers and Picking them Up

    Well I have look into the forums but haven´t seen something like I´m looking for. Here´s the thing, I want for some flowers to grow into certain parts of the map, lets say every 10 minuts or something, for the experiment lets say just 30 seconds, I used a variable to count the seconds in a loop...
  14. Dieucra

    Struggling with timer.... :/

    So, I'm trying to pull this event..., where the lady gives you an apple for free, ok. done Now i want her to tell me if i want another or not, ok done. But if i say yes, i want that after "x" time she is able to give another apple, so i used a timer.... and she will tell me "come later" until...
  15. Silenity

    Battle Gauge Script

    Summary: Optional ideas: ****ty picture example. If need be, I will pay for this script. c:
  16. UNphiltered_khaos

    Fleeing Event: Disappear on Touch, or Disappear With Timer

    more questions: (I swear I will contribute something besides more questions, soon....) Is it possible to have an event that appears when certain conditions are met, that the player must chase and contact before the event disappears via timer?  Say, I pull a switch, which opens a door, and a...
  17. Riding around on a horse for a limited time

    I'm baffled about how to go about doing this, but I'm sure it won't be a problem for some of you experienced folk. My main problem is that I don't really know how the timer works. Anyway, I want to let the user ride a horse for five minutes, which prevents enemy encounters. I've already done the...
  18. gRaViJa

    Subtract from running timer

    Never had to do it and thought it was gonna be easy, but can't find it how to do it easy, so let's see if someone in the community has already done this: Is there a way to manipulate a running timer? E.g. timer is at 10:00, when the player touches a certain event, 1:00 should be subtracted, and...
  19. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Switch Timer System

    class Switch Timer System(version 1.0)     def Initialize:        Allows you to set up multiple timers that turn ON assigned $game_switches upon completion.   end     def Features: Set-up timers that turn on assigned $game_switches.   end     def How to use:        More details can be found at...
  20. Omnimental

    Input Speed Bonus

    Alright, my Google-fu has apparently failed me today, so I'm turning to you guys for help.  I'm looking for a script to incentivise quickly selecting your commands in combat.  Something along the lines of "If you choose your ability and target within X seconds, that ability gets a 25% damage...

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