1. Ultimacj

    Timer Function

    Is there a way to set the game timer beyond 99 minutes with the control timer feature?  I noticed the most you can put is in 99:59.
  2. Ultimacj

    Display the timer in Milliseconds

    Is there a way to change the way the timer is displayed that way M S and ms are displayed?  Instead of 15:00 (15 minutes), it would display 15:00:00 with of course the milliseconds rapidly going down.  Giving the urge to the player that need to HURRY and get out of there (such as the island is...
  3. Where has the Timer option gone?

    Hello Everyone, So, I only just started using RPG Maker VX Ace. Used to be a pro on RPG Maker 2003. But my favourite thing to do in RPG Maker 2003 has since been removed from RPG Maker VX Ace and I was wondering if there was some backdoor way to still do it. I used to spend hours developing...
  4. kerbonklin

    Help on Game_Timer-based switches

    Any advice (or just a whole solution if you want) on making a small script snipplet for Game_Timer that will turn a switch ON if @count > 180 && @count < 240, else turn the switch OFF? (of course the numbers will vary)...
  5. need help with ct bolt timer script

    how can i set up an event using ct bolt timer script ? i wanna makes a minigames that runs when this timer on and ends if the timer goes zero. i've tried many and different ways, but still can't get it to work. basically i need somekind like this : start timer ? choices yes > timer start ...
  6. Eurgh

    Perish song?

    Does anybody know how to make a perish song like attack?  Basically, perish song is an attack which when activated gives a time limit of 3 turns before it kills both of the battlers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWirhAxEomk
  7. kerbonklin

    A script to cancel player command input when timer reaches 0, and then auto battle.

    I have a timer starting upon the start of turns, and the timer stopping upon action input. What I need is a way to, when the timer reaches 0, it instantly closes out all actor_command / ItemList / SkillList / Enemy-actor Select windows, and then force the actor to perform an Auto Battle action...
  8. ct_bolt

    CT_Bolt's Timers

    CT_Bolt's Timers v3.0 by CT_Bolt Features A whole new set of timers (unlimited ;) ). Each has Custom properties (font color, font size, x, y, z, etc.). Scheduled Tasks (turn on/off switches, run common events at specified time including start & expire) Let's you press buttons with while a...

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