1. Vis_Mage

    Icon Hue

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to, through the use of notetags, be able to adjust the hue of an icon? The idea being that instead of needing a dozen different recolored potion icons, that you could have one or two, and use a notetag to set the hue of the others. I'm mostly...
  2. Lucas7eixeira

    tint+weather effect issues (solved)

    Hi everyone and thx in advance for anyone who try to help me! :) So im developing a game with a time/weather/season system and i need a common event to : 1º - See if im on a external or internal map, if im at internal it stops every tint/weather effects, if not it does the next steps. 2º - Tint...
  3. Ebanyle

    How to tint over a picture?

    I'm using some pictures to make a scene, however the "Tint Screen" won't affect the pictures. Is there any way that it can tint them without the need to tint the pictures themselves in a Editing Program? I found a topic in another forum where an user says about an issue they are having with a...
  4. Rink27

    Obtain current tint's RGBG values?

    Is there a way to obtain the current screen tint's red, blue, green and grey values? At any point in time I'm curious in retrieving these values and storing them into 4 variables so they can be referenced elsewhere.
  5. Roseredpinball

    How to give screen dreamlike effect?

    In my game a lot of flashbacks are incorporated, and to distinguish between present and flashback, I wanted to give the screen a sort of dreamlike effect during flashbacks. For example, maybe make the edges fuzzier, tint the screen a little bit gray. Any suggestions on this would be much...
  6. ShinySlowqueen

    Tweaking Weather Effects

    It's a minor thing, but I'd like the screen to not get QUITE so dark when it's snowing.   I found this snippet within Spriteset_Weather: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Get Dimness...
  7. jezebelthenun

    Screen Tint and Time System If Else

    Hi all,  Today I have a question about using if else statements in conditional branches.  I'm using a basic day/time system, and I'd like to have 3 different screen tints for different times of day.  Normal for day, sunset for the hours between 6 and 8 pm, and then dark for night.  How would I...
  8. cityshrimp

    CityShrimp's Tint Event

    CS_TintEvent v1.0.1 CityShrimp Introduction This plugin allows you to add tint to events, players, and followers.  This is very similar to S_Rank_Crazy's Event Highlighting script, but with different features. Features - Tint remains until manually removed with another command (or change of...
  9. S_Rank_Crazy

    Possible to tin an event?

    I had a cool idea to be able to highlight objects (events) in an environment but I had a look through the event commands, did a little bit of googling and hit a bit of a dead end. So. Basically, what I'm looking for is a way to apply a tint to the event sprite which fades over a set period of...
  10. TheGamedawg

    Playing weather effects and screen tints over pictures.

    I'm trying to make a neat effect when snow falls over the entire screen as pictures are showing, however it appears that pictures take priority over effects, and as a result they appear unchanged against them. It looks ugly for what I'm trying to go for, I was wondering if there was a way to...
  11. Changing tint back to what it was before?

    So the player character has a gun that when fired calls up a common event. In this common event, the map's tint changes to (200, 200, 200, 0) @1 briefly which is pretty bright, then changes the tint to pitch black (-255, -255, -255, 0) @15, which is the same tint as the map I'm using to test...
  12. Tyrael79

    Tinting changes to a differnt colour when in an android app.

    Hey Guys, I'm getting a really odd issue, for certain scene's I've created I've put a sepia tint, however when the game is played on an android device, the tint changes to a very bright white colour. Is this a known issue that will be fixed or is there something different that needs to be...
  13. How do you make tint screen stop?

    I'm trying to make an event where a monster shows up to scare the player and for the most part I've got it down but I can't get tint screen to stop when I want it to. After the screen fades and everything is done it just stays tinted. I'm sure I probably haven't set it up properly since I'm...
  14. DKP

    Tint Screen Timer

    hello members, i want to ask you all something, how to make duration for tint screen ? so if i turn on the tint screen event, the tint screen has duration until the duration stop and the tint screen turn off again. thank you
  15. xXAinSophAurXx

    Tint Screen makes me lag?

    This is only an issue I have had with MV. When playtesting, my game has considerable lag when I tint the screen. I tried replicating the issue with a fresh project and it happens again, no plugins or anything. I wanted to have one of the first towns in my game start at night, so I tint the...
  16. SebazWorld


    So in a game I'm making at the moment in the Prologue (or at least the first chapter) I'm making a lot of flashbacks. In the flashbacks I'm tinting the screen grey. But when I watch the cutscene of the flashback, there's a delay before the event takes place. Is there a way to stop the delay, or...
  17. Screen Tint Options

    Hi ! I was wondering if its possible to have better options to tint the screen, for example to have more advanced options like you would find in photoshop or GIMP: setting colour curves, independent colour levels, hue shifts, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc... The reason I don't just...
  18. KanaX

    Tinting Screen Time Frames Issue.

    I'm sure this has been asked around a lot (and I have tried searching for an appropriate solution), but is there a way to deal with the problem where the player transitions from a bright to a dark map and there is a slight frame where the tint was like before? I have the tint in a parallel...
  19. Tint/moving troubles

    Hi! I'm having some troubles with an event. I'm trying to make an event to simulate a stroboscopic light. You click on it while playing (turning on) and then it tints the screen into darker colour, then a loop starts with a flash (3 frames) and a wait (17 frames).I didn't upload the screenshot...
  20. Shinma

    Tinting Guide

    Hey guys. A couple of weeks back I came across a thread that contained several tint setting suggestions in it. I could have sworn I bookmarked it, but I guess I didn't.  :headshake: I have been using the search feature to find it again, but to no avail. If anyone happens to stumble across it...

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