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  1. Volpe

    Newbie here, sorry

    Heya guys, I bought my MZ today and never worked with RPG Maker before. I'm a great fan of RPG in general from D&D to Neverwinter to Dragon Quest, Fable, TES, Dark Souls... alas every type of RP game that has ever lived. So I actually created this thread to get some obscure tips of some kind...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Leech Seed - But remade for MP?

    Yanfly made a lot of useful Tips n Tricks videos, including how to make the Leech Seed skill from the Pokemon games. I'd like to make a skill in the same way, but have it leech MP instead of HP. Yanfly's setup is this. First there's a skill, this skill is very simple and all it does is applying...
  3. Clord

    [-Writing-] Writing an RPG: What not to do.

    Rule number 2 feels like tackled on to make the list longer. Even a major companies after the initial planning, change a storyline majorly during the development stage rather easily. Granted in solo project's case it can be a lot more work. Finally it boils down to individual ways to develop...

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