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  1. Danitinkis

    RMMV Joint Penalty doesn't work for me...

    Hi!! I'm following Yanfly's tutorial to add Joint Penalty feature to my game. The thing is, when I try it, damage does not divide among the state holders and the state makes the attack deal MAX damage. Can someone help me and figure out why this happens? Take a look to my state and skill notebox:
  2. Yrythaela

    Exploring Common RPG Maker Mistakes! Early Game Items!

    First off, I truly apologize for my mic quality and for the duration of the video. This video took me longer than I would've liked, but shorter than what I also would've liked. But overall, I'm happy with the results, and I hope that I can produce quality content like this as much as I can to...
  3. I need help to develop a clock mechanism.

    Hello, I'm developing a game on RPGMMV where the mechanism is focused on doing things to increase time (which are just points that simulates time where you raise the constant of a variable that increases 5,10,15,20... minutes). Example: Grab a random item (5 Minutes) (add 1) Look for an useful...
  4. Skychord

    Creating Combination Moves, but only with YEP Freebies

    Creating Combination Moves (But only with Free YEP) Hello everyone! When I was making my game (*cough* *cough* Fallen Hero's Journey), I decided that it would be cool to make Combination Moves! However, I was unable to find any team attacks/combination moves/cooperation skills plugin that's...
  5. lawlietorochi

    Itens weakness, any idea?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be straight up I want a specific enemy and only he has weakness to a battle consumable item. For example: I want when I use the salt item on the "slug" enemy it dies immediately, but the "rat" enemy totally ignores it. Any idea? I tried to do it by status by creating the...
  6. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly Tips & Tricks (Stat Upgades with Job Points) Question

    Yanfly made this video long ago for how you could use his Job Points (JP) plugin to make passive skills that allows you to upgrade your basic parameters such as HP, MP, ATK, DEF, etc. This here being the code snippet he provides in the video: <Learn Cost: 500 JP> user._paramPlus[0] +=500...
  7. Parallax Panda

    Yanfly's Leech Seed - But remade for MP?

    Yanfly made a lot of useful Tips n Tricks videos, including how to make the Leech Seed skill from the Pokemon games. I'd like to make a skill in the same way, but have it leech MP instead of HP. Yanfly's setup is this. First there's a skill, this skill is very simple and all it does is applying...
  8. CalebW

    Working Weather Events

    If you want to add weather to your game, the plugin needed for this will be MOG hunters Weather_Ex plug-in. Additionally you will need the pre-built “weather folder from the download moved over into your game folder where img, js, audio, etc are. These will be the images you call. The 3rd page...
  9. Wasserteufel

    My first game - Any tips and tricks? =)

    Hi, folks! I am working on my first RPG now and red a few of your tips and concerns in other threads. But due to its closure I want to open a new one. Can you give me some feedback or tips what to avoid and what to do in my first RPG? What to do, what to avoid and other tips for making better...
  10. Nantas

    Yanfly's tip : Second Chance - Remove after action

    Hey everyone ! Hope that you're going well ! I need your help, as I have no knowledge on javascript. Here is the link of the tips and tricks : I would like to remove the state that revives the character after the effect is...
  11. tae_ka_pre

    Tips/Stuff newbies NEED to know before you make a game in RPG makers (mostly MV)

    Stuff I didn't know and took me like 3 whole months before realizing they were a thing because I was too stuck thinking people are just making it complicated. Note that these tips kinda require you have a basic knowledge of events and the basic stuff about game making. I'm a newbie as well but...
  12. Cinnamon Dev

    Maintaining Quality

    Hello, as December approaches I am currently In a bind on my first "major" RPG maker game. However, In past games I have made the quality starts terribly then increases in quality (due to me becoming more familiar to RMXP). What are some tips you can give me about how to maintain good quality on...

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