1. Wifi

    How to make a portfolio?

    Sorry in advance if I post it in the wrong section(it was the only section that seemed to fit with this topic). Lately I've been thinking about making a portfolio to post on sites to get commissions it's not only for money (even though I'm kinda in need right now:eswt:) but also to gather a...
  2. kyonides

    Dirty Shopkeeper

    Valid for Any RGSS Based Engine! Well, I was thinking that some games are kind of unrealistic because their storekeepers either sell you stuff or they simply don't based on switches or fame points and the like. Isn't that a bit boring? What if some shopkeepers could actually... extort you out...
  3. Yrythaela

    Exploring Common RPG Maker Mistakes! Early Game Items!

    First off, I truly apologize for my mic quality and for the duration of the video. This video took me longer than I would've liked, but shorter than what I also would've liked. But overall, I'm happy with the results, and I hope that I can produce quality content like this as much as I can to...
  4. Gravemaster

    Glossary/Tips Script

    Hey. I think this is relatively easy to make, but I can't find anything similar on the net. Since RPG Maker uses no loading screen (where I could display tips, etc), I want a glossary/tips script, basically a new option in the main menu, where I can have entries (all of them available from the...
  5. Large map advice/tips

    Hey people, so basically I'm starting a my first large scale project in mv. I'm looking to make a large map that's broken into 9/10 big areas, that will have quest item to find, puzzles to that progress the main story, upgrade items, etc. Where is a good place to start? I've done some drawings...
  6. NatuElChido

    Ideas and Mechanics for an Underwater Level

    Hello guys! I got to make a confession, I'm not that good at making levels/dungeons from the ground up, I usually take inspiration from an Song, an Enemy, kinda "Yeah, that song works perfectly in ______ level" or "Oh, that enemy would look amazing in a _______ dungeon" Well, that's today's...
  7. Jonforum

    Show icons [images] DB in vscode !

    Isane ! enjoys: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=kisstkondoros.vscode-gutter-preview Just comment with the path of your `image.png`
  8. Finmide

    Game counts how many Game Overs you had?

    Hey I was working on a comedy based rpg and one of the mechanics I wanted to employ was that it would keep track of how many game overs you get in the game. I was hoping that it could keep track of the game overs even if you choose to quit instead of continue but I could live with it just...
  9. Aura_Gamer

    RPG Together

    Hey RPG fans(if it's too hot :rswt) I decided to create a new youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB-KQgs6KPS4BZwWq1D0DhA channel to.......... will think about it.......... just make some cool RPGs together. I'll upload my first video today if no OGRE eats my laptop; not me as I'm myself a...
  10. Lord Vectra


    We will discuss villainology. The idea of villains, what makes them good, and what makes them bad. After reading this, I want to know your thoughts on villains and what you think is the true villainology or even if you think there isn't. It's mostly personal belief, but I'm sure through...
  11. Shikashi

    Pixel Art & Animation Tutorials

    Hey! I found these pixel art gif tutorials very recently and I thought other users here could make use of them too. There's a lot of variety in the stuff covered - pixel art fundamentals, colouring, walk cycles, tilesets, portraits, attacks, etc - with a focus on animation. The artist who makes...
  12. Linard

    Any tips for creating a farming game?

    Hi guys. I'm developing a farming game like the Game Harvest Moon. My Event has 8 pages, also consisting an 8 SWITCHES per page. So if i make 100 plots * 8 it will cost 800 switches  ;_; ;_; . Why it has too much switches? Because of the number of the frame/image that i can put...
  13. Zackleaynts

    Teach me. How to start learning to become a Jack-of-all-trades in RPG Making?

    Hello, everyone. Please guide me. Okay, straight to the point. I've decided to go back to game making. Using RPG Maker. Even though this is at the moment a hobby and a past time taking a small portion of my free time, I hope to turn it into a life-long career someday. I have no helper at the...
  14. Froggychair

    Parallax Mapping Opinions & Tips ?

    Greetings everyone !  The matter of this topic is that , I've been recently giving myself to parallax mapping .  As it may be a little hard to render , I do consent that gives out a lot more smoothly . So here are my two questions : First : Would you still play a game and think it is...
  15. Victor Hate

    Too cliche?

    Hear me out on this I have had an idea for sometime now and I need some fresh minds to see what am doing. In my game the main villain is at times seen leaving or entering a hidden room. the idea is later on when you are kidnapped and put in his castle player will be able to finally see...
  16. Characters

    Help! I wanna start the game with one character, and I want other characters to join the party. When I change it in the Actors Tab or the Initial Party, and I test play it, they appear in my party! How do I fix this?
  17. thefusense

    Tips and tricks for me for my first adventure project

    Hi everyone =) Im happy and proud to be here with you guys and hope you can give me some helpful tips for my first project. Since years I have a story in my mind, that I want to show people and make them experience what I imagine. So I bought rpg maker mv (many people seem to say I should...
  18. Val

    How to setup an attack command that I can Choose one member of my team or enemy?

    Hi everyone, Everything in the title : How to setup an attack command that I can Choose one member of my team or enemy? Right now my Attack can only select a enemy ? or I can change the setup to select only my team member? But How can I setup an attack where I can select anyone on the...
  19. Alyon93

    HP Gauge only: Tips and Opinions

    Hi guys! This time around I'm not asking for any help, only some Tips or Opinions about an idea I had in mind.   I'm making a game without magic and the abilities are the most similar to reality(things like shield bash, feints, moulinet and so on). In my game, every action uses some amount of...
  20. kisvbot4

    Mapping tips?

    I bought VX Ace recently, and I'm upgrading from XP. Though I don't plan to use VX Ace until my project in XP is finished. I want to learn some of the new stuff, like mapping. I tried it with a few premade tiles and it was pretty bad, even in the pre made maps, I was walking through walls, etc...

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