title background

  1. SquidBowl

    How can I add more images than just 2 to the title menu?

    Basically, I wanna add a third layer to the title menu.

    Hello RM Members, I need help for my project. is there any script for slideshow title screen? I need my picture of title menu can change/move like slideshow. Note: its okay though if the script also have smooth fade in/out transition. :ehappy: Thank you!
  3. Dynamic Menu

    Hey all! It seems like people were interested in my dynamic title plugin. I will put it right here, just simply save it as anything like DynamicTitle.js and put it in your plugins folder. What it does: With this plugin, it enables you to specify an alternative title song, and background which...
  4. Sharon

    Looking for a plugin/script that can change the Title Screen background and Title Screen BGM for RPG Maker MV

    I looked everywhere for anything that can change the game's Title Screen image and BGM with an event. I found a few scripts I thought were what I was looking for but it turned out on of them was for VX Ace and the other wasn't available as a singular plugin (Yanfly's plugin). Is there anything...
  5. SkullCraZe

    I Need Title Screen Art

    Resource Type: I need a Static Image I use MV as an FYI Art Style: Art Original it can be in your own format I want it to be unqiue Description: I need a static images for two characters full body running. I will at least need 2 different versions of the picture I will love it if I can get 2...
  6. Zarsla

    Change Title Font.

    I'm using this plugin by SRD. And I want my title to be a different font than the default one. I know about this plugin by Galv, but it's not compatible with SRD's plugin. Does anyone know of how can change the title's font, without using Galv's plugin?
  7. RebirthBlaze

    Horror Title Theme background

    Hello, I am faily new to the forums and I am currently creating a new Rpg horror game in vx and I'm not that good at art. I was wondering if anybody could be willing to make a free Horrific title screen background. I would really appreciate any help while im learning ruby scripting :D!  I...

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