title screen graphic

  1. WhyIamaPotato

    RMMV Changing the title screen after finishing the game

    I would like to make my title screen change its picture when the player has finished the game. I have no clue where to start though, since I can't put to title screen pictures in the System section. Does someone know if there's a way to do this (or a plugins that can do this)?
  2. JayIsrael

    Title Screen Changing with Game Progress

    I am currently using Mog_TitleLayers and Mog_TitlePictureCom which I love - it gave me exactly what I wanted with my title. But I started thinking about whether or not there was a way to change what loads up as one's title screen based on the player's progress in the game - so the game would...
  3. Kes

    Title Screen graphics appear

    What I am looking for is a straightforward script which allows graphics to appear on the title screen, rather than have them static from the moment the title screen is loaded. Once they have appeared, they would then be static. In an ideal world, the script would have : the graphics coming in...
  4. JtheDuelist

    I need some Title Screen Art

    Resource Type: Title Screen Art Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original Description: I want the title screen art to depict Mozart, Clara, Amadeous, Septemus, with their weapons drawn ready to face Malus and her weapon facing the other way towards the others as if they were about to...
  5. I need a Title Screen Graphic

    Ok, I need a Title Screen Graphic.  I am making a Final Fantasy styled Game called Abyssal: The Tale of the Good Zombie, and one of the minor problems is that I don't have a Professional-looking Title Screen Graphic.  minor problem, but such a major annoyance that I cannot testplay the game...

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