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  1. RMMV How to center menu commands in the title screen?

    The "New Game, Continue" etc. is on the left side of the command menu, is there any way I can center it? It's bugging me badly and I moved to MV due to personal preference. I tried a previous thread but there was no proper explanation on *how* to exactly do it. Any plugins or anything?
  2. Ahstval

    RMMZ Player can't move on respawn, VisuStella UniqueTileEffects and McKathlin GameOver

    I use the GameOver plugin to simulate "fainting" to avoid the gameover screen or to avoid going back to the title screen upon death so as to instead tp the player back to a tent for instance VisuStella's UniqueTileEffects works seamlessly with the gameover plugin for all tile effects EXCEPT...
  3. AphoticAmaranth

    Random Title Screen v1.0

    Introduction Allows for customising and randomising various aspects of the Title Screen Features Randomise the title, as well as its y position, font size, outline width, colours, and font* Can include an optional subtitle that may be similarly randomised Randomise title1 and title2 images, as...
  4. RMMZ VisuStella- Event Title Screen

    I'm new to RPGMZ and the VisuStella plugins. Currently I've made my title screen, but I can't figure out how to change my character's location in title screen and be able to move with that character.This is where I would like to place my character (in the 2nd photo). I am already able to move...
  5. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Plugins similar to Moghunter's plugins that can even freely customize the title screen (even title commands) with images?

    Not sure if there is an MZ version of Moghunter's title plugin, but if it does, I won't risk using it since Mog's plugins might potentially break other plugins (as with my old MV projects, someone pointed out that they do not work with some visual novel plugins, and I fear that it would do the...
  6. SangHendrix

    Change the title screen image if a Switch is toggled ON | Plug and play

    Change Title Screen Image v.1.0.0 by Sang Hendrix: Ideas, debug, the brain. ChatGPT: Code, debug Description This plugin helps you change the title screen image to the one that you set up from the parameters if a Switch is toggled ON. After one of the switches from the parameters list is...
  7. RMMV Load the last save automatically on Continue

    I was wondering if there's a plugin I can use that automatically opens the last save file without opening the save menu when you select 'continue' on the title screen.
  8. WickBRSTM

    Making YEP_CreditsPage work with my game

    Hi! This is my first thread here, so I'll do my best to keep my request brief. I am making a game that has both YEP_CreditsPage and MOG_TitlePictureCom. To briefly summarize their function so we're on the same page, YEP_CreditsPage opens a window with customizable entries for credits that can...
  9. bluechuii

    RMMV Is this possible with the MOG_TitleLayers plugin?

    So, With the plugin; I have the background that scrolls, a layer for the character art, and then the layer with a logo and where the commands are. I was curious if there was a way that; depending on the part of the game the last save file is at; I can have the character art change? I guess; The...
  10. VeeSheeb

    from bad logo, to logo i like, to full title screen

    i wanted to post some more visual asset progress of my game! So, "Petland" was originally a placeholder that i wanted to change, but i decided that it was whimsical and cutesy enough to stay, as well as me not really coming up with anything else this was the first logo i made, and it already...
  11. How can i make my title screen look more intresting

    im thinking of streching the background down a bit so its more around the middle of the screen im wondering what else i could add so it looks more intresting
  12. Issue with game title screen

    so i wanted to change the picture for my games title however when i resized it to 81x624 like all the other rtp images when your actually in the game you cant see the full image
  13. how to get back to title screen when your game is beat

    so i was wondering is there a way to make it so once the credits play and finish you get brought back to the title screen?
  14. Alz

    Animated Title Screen

    Ok so I looked for a plugin for a simple animated title screen, but they either don't work or the link doesn't work anymore. Is there a plugin that will make the title screen 3 or more looping frames? And if possible to be able to change those frames based on a switch? An example for it would...
  15. Want to change the game title look without changing the entire screen & interface.

    Need to find a plugin that allows for changing only the game title look if possible. or that removes it completely from the main menu so that i can add an image onto the main menu instead with the title in it. i've tried a few plugins in the past but the srd one caused an issue where i...
  16. ZodiacStories

    Custom Title Screen

    Howdy! I have a question. I'm making a very first and simple game as an intro to RPG Maker MV, just to get my foot in the door. So, this is what my title screen looks like right now. I was wondering how to make my options "Play, Continue, and Options" more...unique. Kinda like theses The...
  17. Marshal

    Custom Evented Title Screen Help [Solved]

    Hello! this is my first time posting here mainly 'cause I'm in the beginning stages of my first game and I'm trying to event a completely custom map title screen. I did it before when I was making it in rpgmaker2003 but I moved to MV. I am using HIME_PreTitleEvents and a plugin that skips the...
  18. Sinnisterra

    Force Save and return to title screen.

    Hi all, hopefully I'm asking this in the right spot. I'm running RPG MV, doing a very short project, I've tried googling and no luck. Does anyone know how to force a save and return the player to the title screen? I must be doing something wrong, I found this script in a previous thread but it...
  19. TheeWARIO

    RMMV How to resize a MOG, plugin? "MV"

    I'm going to be using Moghunters TitleParticles from Moghunters "Custom Title Screen". Everything works great but I have 1 issue the area of effect is the entire screen and I need it to effect half of the screen. How can I change the size of the area it effects? To give an example I attached a...
  20. TheeWARIO

    Clouds on Title Screen.

    Ok so I have my title screen completed but I'm in need of some moving transparent clouds..to make it seem more lively. Nothing special just something to move from right to left. I'm open to any ideas, though I would prefer to stay away from Plugins but if no other way I will use it.

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