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  1. ZodiacStories

    Custom Title Screen

    Howdy! I have a question. I'm making a very first and simple game as an intro to RPG Maker MV, just to get my foot in the door. So, this is what my title screen looks like right now. I was wondering how to make my options "Play, Continue, and Options" more...unique. Kinda like theses The...
  2. Marshal

    Custom Evented Title Screen Help [Solved]

    Hello! this is my first time posting here mainly 'cause I'm in the beginning stages of my first game and I'm trying to event a completely custom map title screen. I did it before when I was making it in rpgmaker2003 but I moved to MV. I am using HIME_PreTitleEvents and a plugin that skips the...
  3. Sinnisterra

    Force Save and return to title screen.

    Hi all, hopefully I'm asking this in the right spot. I'm running RPG MV, doing a very short project, I've tried googling and no luck. Does anyone know how to force a save and return the player to the title screen? I must be doing something wrong, I found this script in a previous thread but it...
  4. TheeWARIO

    RMMV How to resize a MOG, plugin? "MV"

    I'm going to be using Moghunters TitleParticles from Moghunters "Custom Title Screen". Everything works great but I have 1 issue the area of effect is the entire screen and I need it to effect half of the screen. How can I change the size of the area it effects? To give an example I attached a...
  5. TheeWARIO

    Clouds on Title Screen.

    Ok so I have my title screen completed but I'm in need of some moving transparent clouds..to make it seem more lively. Nothing special just something to move from right to left. I'm open to any ideas, though I would prefer to stay away from Plugins but if no other way I will use it.
  6. WhyIamaPotato

    RMMV Changing the title screen after finishing the game

    I would like to make my title screen change its picture when the player has finished the game. I have no clue where to start though, since I can't put to title screen pictures in the System section. Does someone know if there's a way to do this (or a plugins that can do this)?
  7. lancemccool

    Ending affecting the title screen

    Is there any way for me to change the title screen appearance based on the ending you get? Like let's say you just started playing the game, the title screen is all happy and cheerful but then when you get a bad ending and get sent back to the title screen, it's a dark and gloomy appearance and...
  8. Kes

    Can't get title screen to show up in play test

    I never used MV, so perhaps the problem is that I've never learned the changes that came in after VX Ace, but I thought all I needed to do was to check the box on the System 2 tab, like this: However, that doesn't appear to be enough to get the title screen to come up when I hit play test...
  9. Is it possible: Slide menu with animations?

    Hello! I am completely new to RPG Maker and the forum, I hope I'm posting my question in the right place :) I'm wondering if there's a way to create a menu like the one in Super Mario All-Stars for SNES. Here's a linkt to an example: I'd love for the selected title-screen to also be animated...
  10. JayIsrael

    Title Screen Changing with Game Progress

    I am currently using Mog_TitleLayers and Mog_TitlePictureCom which I love - it gave me exactly what I wanted with my title. But I started thinking about whether or not there was a way to change what loads up as one's title screen based on the player's progress in the game - so the game would...
  11. Can you change the ADV message box buttons? / Title screen button error

    I've been trying to change my game's message box to the ADV style one, to take advantage of the buttons on the side for saving/loading etc. All the buttons work as expected except for the title screen button, for some reason instead of taking me to the main menu I made it takes me to a default...
  12. Jomarcenter

    MJMJS - Single Save Data UI Modification plugins (Plugins set)

    MJMJS_OneSaveDataInfoMenu 1.0 & MJMJS_OneSaveDataSaveWindow 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction So you just want your game to just basically load One Save... Not two, Not four and most definitely not infinity universes just one well I got you the solution and also allows to give more...
  13. QueenTeaYT

    Can I change the Game Over text?

    I only see title screen options. :(
  14. Jomarcenter

    MJM Copyright information Plugin

    MJM Copyright Information Plugin 1.0 By Jomarcenter-MJM Introduction So someone stole your game again and its that one guy again. Well this plugin can solve any problem. Screenshot: Feature: Insert copyright information on the title screen. Print out the copyright information on the Web...
  15. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Change The Title Screen Music From An Event?

    Is there a plugin that lets me change the title screen bgm with an event or using plugin commands? I really want this for something I want to do for a game I'm making. I've tried researching this online but no luck.
  16. Vaschak

    Dynamic Title screen

    Does anyone know how to make an dinamic title screen ? or a plugin that would let me do so I was thinking of making one like super mario super saga video example :
  17. Yami Skip Title won't return me to map title screen

    I have a map that's the title screen. I found this answer to my problem: But I don't understand what to do. Please help.
  18. ZirconStorms

    Title Screen Subtitle Text

    Title Screen Subtitle Text - 1.0 // A purely visual script. Allows a couple of customization features. Customization: Adjust font settings for the subtitles (shadow, outline, bold, italics, name, size) Adjust alignment and vertical offset of the subtitle text. Screenshots: Setup: Paste...
  19. Luozcurator

    MOG's Title Picture Command and YEP's Credits Page issue

    Hey guys, I was using Moghunter's Title Picture Commands and ran into a an issue, when trying to link it to Yanfly's Credits Page. The "Continue" and "Options" stop the particle effects, blur the screen and appear above the commands. The "Credits" page doesn't and appears a layer below the...
  20. megumi014

    [JS] Disable Sprite Button/ClickHandlers temporarily?

    Hiya! As the title says: is there any way to disable a sprite button temporarily? (And activate it later?) Like with this._randomWindow.deactivate(); but for the mouse input? I'm trying to set up a couple of windows on the Title Screen, and I could disable the mouse alltogether but I'd rather...

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