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  1. tale

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.11 | 2007/8/5 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of image...
  2. tale

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.00 | 2008/9/20 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of...
  3. TheMuweeCollective

    Free RPG Title Screen Music Pack

    Hi there, Here are 19 RPG Title Screen looping tracks, free to use in your game projects. Every songs have been created while the Music Weeklies Challenge https://www.musicweeklieschallenge.com/ You are free to use and adapt the songs in your projects, free or commercial *BUT* You *MUST*...
  4. tale

    [Pixel-boy] Backgrounds Asset Pack (2 Resolutions)

    I'm sharing the backgrounds asset pack by Pixel-boy here since they're released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Total of 41 images. Also I've done some scaling and made sure the backgrounds don't look too blurry. 2 sizes are available: 544x416, 640x360 Probably suitable as...
  5. Yawgmoth

    Best Played Time Shown On Title Screen?

    Hi all, When a player beats my game I want both the main character name and total played time to be placed on the title screen until someone beats the game faster. I would love this to have a leader board and this to all be done online but I believe that would require a server and website so I...
  6. RPGVeir

    Exit in titlescreen moves me to titlescreen

    I got informed of this bug by my friend, who was testing the game. Whenever I press exit in titlescreen it wont exit but restart titlescreen instead. It should go like this: Open .exe -> title screen -> press exit -> game quits But it goes like this instead: Open .exe -> title screen ->...
  7. tale

    New Game Sound Effect

    NewGameSe - Version 1.1.0 (2018/11/23) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Plays a certain sound effect when New Game is selected. Features - You can select a sound effect through a parameter - Settings for adjusting: volume, pitch, and pan - Optional sound effect for Continue Credit and...
  8. Battle Test opens Title Screen, even when plugins are off

    I've been having this problem for weeks (apparently there was an update?). Every time I try to test a battle, it takes me to the title screen instead. I've tried turning off each plugin individually, and turned them all off at the same time, but nothing works. If I create a new project, though...
  9. Google_Chrom

    RMMV Title Screen Wanted

    I'm currently designing a game that features four main characters and I would like a title screen to go along with the game. The project is being made in RPG Maker MV. I would like it to be anime themed or realistic (or both if you have the time so I could choose which one looks better). I would...
  10. KingKraken

    Battle Test opens up Title Screen?

    Hey all, I seem to be having a weird minor problem. As mentioned in the title, anytime I click "Battle Test" in the Troops menu, it just opens up the title screen. It only started doing that today in the past hour or so? Not sure if it's related to the update or some kind of strange bug. I've...
  11. Takkun

    MAYA - Mouse Title Screen

    (Portuguese Video) Introduction: Title screen using mouse. How to use: Paste the two necessary scripts above the main one of your project and make the necessary settings. Scripts: MAYA - Mouse Title Screen Jet Mouse System (Required) Download: MAYA - Mouse Title Screen (Demo) License: Free...
  12. Kes

    Title Screen graphics appear

    What I am looking for is a straightforward script which allows graphics to appear on the title screen, rather than have them static from the moment the title screen is loaded. Once they have appeared, they would then be static. In an ideal world, the script would have : the graphics coming in...
  13. JustinK

    Change order of title screen with Yanfly Credits Page

    Hi there, I am currently using the Yanfly Credits Page but I have encountered a little problem. As you can see in the files below the 'Credits' are above the 'Start Game'. I want this to be in a different order, can anyone tell me how to do this? EDIT: Link for the plug-in...
  14. tale

    Fade-in Title Screen

    PD_DelayTitle (2017/06/26 Ver.1.01) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Title screen with a fade-in effect. Features - Parameters for adding delay/ fade-in to each image per frames - Command window included - Fade sequence can be skip by pressing confirm key Preview Terms of Use-...
  15. Kes

    Remove command window from title screen

    I am eventing a trailer and want to show the actual title screen as there is some animation on it which is lost in a static shot. However, it has the command window on it, as you would expect. As this is being done in a separate copy of the game, I was wondering if there was a way to remove...
  16. tale

    Fading Title Logo

    Fading Title Logo Jul 23, 2014 Creator name: lctseng Introduction On the title screen, logo will fade in & out. Features - Settings for fade time, fade speed, min and max opacity, and layer of z coordinate. - To use your own logo, place an image file named "logo" in your project folder >...
  17. Karbonic

    Title Screen "Controls"

    I've been using Moghunter's titlescreen scripts to make my custom title screen, which has all of the options laid out horizontally from each other. Since Moghunter's Script is just a visual one, this doesn't effect how the title screen is controlled. My question is, how can I change the...
  18. Macbeth

    SOUL_MV Animated Title Blue Sphere problem with RPG Maker MV

    Greetings everyone, as i'm not that good with plugins, i'm asking your help for this animated title screen plugin made by Soulpour777. No matter the image i use as background and logo or their sizes, it keeps showing me this thing: background split in 4 and logo split in 2 moved on the bottom...
  19. 4Lore

    Removing persistent hotspot !

    Hello, I was having this hotspot problem some time ago and I still haven't resolve it. :| ex. mission scene ex. mission common event ex. mission scene setup This hotspot (a triangle) appears everywhere: in title screen, in every title menu and when i start a new game, it will show up in...
  20. [MV] Custom Title Screen

    Alright so I'm sort of wanting a simple, or what I think would be simple for most people just not myself, edit of a title-screen image we already have with another image on top. The rules say not to be vague, yet the above the vague, but don't worry. I didn't break the rules, yet. Let's hope I...

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